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There have been many speculations about what Marvel has planned for the March 5th surprise that Robert Downey Jr. hinted at via his twitter feed. Since cameras are set to start rolling in April on [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), there have been more than a couple guesses that Marvel could announce Iron Man 4 or maybe, just maybe, who the new Spider-Man is that will likely be introduced in that movie.

Goddard News, Everyone!

Yesterday there was a bit of good Spider-Man news - albeit unconfirmed good news - that Drew Goddard is staying on as Sony's Spider-Man shepherd and will be writing and directing the first Marvel/Sony solo movie. This came through some of the usually reliable Latino News channels and while it's good to hear, it isn't necessarily bombshell stuff as Goddard was the one attached to Sony's Sinister Six movie.

I've shared my thoughts about how Drew Goddard was really Sony's hope for a bright Spider-Man future before. Considering that Goddard and Joss Whedon's relationship goes back to before the Buffy and Angel days, before their collaboration on Cabin in the Woods, it stands to reason that Sony would keep Goddard on for their Marvel collaborations.

When Thor was just a college kid...
When Thor was just a college kid...

The Sinister Six Live On

Their shared sensibilities are probably a good reason Goddard was brought on board for Spider-Man and the Sinister Six anyway, and it's a good sign that they're holding on to him and it shows that he was probably on to some good ideas for the character. The report not only mentions his involvement in the solo Spider-Man movie but that they'll be moving ahead too with that Sinister Six idea being incorporated into the movie. Yes, Goddard looks to be the one in charge of the Spider-Man world building for Sony, much like Sam Raimi was back in the good old Tobey Maguire days.

The report also mentions that many of the rumored bits about the new Spider-Man are also likely true - such as the early talk of Sony wanting to bring Spider-Man back to high school despite the fact that he just graduated in Amazing Spider-Man 2. The item that they may go for an unknown actor is interesting but the young age of Spider-Man is reportedly due to Sony really wanting to keep one actor for a very long-term, Harry Porter style saga.

Peter Parker meets Miles Morales
Peter Parker meets Miles Morales

Who's Got the Mask?

Also reiterated is that we're not going to be getting another origin story for Spider-Man. This is probably good news to everyone who doesn't want to sit through another Spider-Man movie where we wait a half hour for that radioactive spider to drop down and give Peter Parker a bite. Oddly enough the report doesn't say whether Sony is planning on going with Peter Parker or Miles Morales, but perhaps the lack of an origin story does mean that we will indeed be seeing the same old Peter Parker that we've come to know over the past five Spider-Man movies.

Perhaps most confusing is the news that Sony won't be casting the role for a number of months. The person spilling the beans writes that they've been holding on to this news for a few weeks - so maybe this will lead to a March/April announcement anyway if they do intend on debuting Spider-Man during Captain America 3 as most people are expecting.

Spider-Man and Iron-Man, friends or foes?
Spider-Man and Iron-Man, friends or foes?

Spider-Man vs Iron-Man?!

And what about that debut? There's a mention that there are plans for Spider-Man to square off against Iron-Man and then end up doing a bit of an audition to become a member of the Avengers. The way this news is delivered makes it sound a bit like this could be a part of Spider-Man's first solo movie - but that's not the only confusing thing about the news.

In the Marvel's Civil War books Spider-Man is the do-gooder that Peter Parker generally is and as such is firmly on the responsible side of Tony Stark and Iron Man. This is the pro-registration side of the Civil War and it is what leads to Spider-Man famously deciding to reveal his identity. Are Marvel and Sony planning on reversing his position in this Captain America vs Iron Man battle? Does this kind of make sense given Peter Parker's teenager status rather than married-man status from the comic books?

It'll definitely be interesting to see if this all pans out the way the report describes it. Will we actually be seeing a very different Civil War in the MCU even though Marvel was able to get Spider-Man to be a part of it? Will Spider-Man then spin-off into Spectacular Spider-Man adventures? Will any of these questions be answered on March 5th? Help us Robert Downey, Jr.!


Will Spider-Man side with Captain America in Civil War?


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