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*Breaking Bad Spoilers Ahead*

Ah, Breaking Bad. We all know the story of the infamous Walter White, a family man and chemistry high school teacher turned drug dealer.

If you're like me, you probably caught up with the show late in it's run, for example I didn't begin to take interest until the final 16 episodes! After binge watching for days I was glad to catch up before the finale.

I loved the finale. It was very poetic and ended with no strings left untouched. The way Walt dies and practically saves Jesse was very good to see, showing that even if they hated each other at times, Walt and Jesse were still inseparable.

But what if it had ended a different way?

So we start from the death of ASAC Schrader, Hank, in the desert. Nothing goes as planned. Walt is left robbed of his money and devastated, while Jesse is held up with the neo-Nazis.

Walt simply goes into hiding, plotting revenge to get back his stolen life's work. After a month, Skyler's life is in turmoil. No job, no money, she has nothing left. After hearing of Hank's imminent death, she decides to leave town.

She tells Marie, who is currently looking after Walter Jr. She speeds off, heading wherever she will feel comfortable to continue with her life, with Marie and Walter Jr close behind.

Skyler and Holly in one car, Walter Jr and Marie in another.

Speeding, Skyler begins to have a panic attack and begins to freak out while on the road. She jerks the wheel, hits a car head on and flips 3 times. Holly is killed on impact. Skyler is critically injured and airlifted to an Albuquerque hospital.

After several days, she loses the will to live and in a poetic way, frees herself from the devastation of her life.

Walt gets word when he arrives back to Albuquerque. He proceeds to go to his house and obtain the ricin he left behind an electrical outlet cover. Very much in touch with the show at this point, Walt has finally become the thing he never intended to be, the bad guy.

He convinces Gretchen and Elliot to hold the trust fund for Walt Jr, and plots his revenge on Jack and Todd. He heads over and kills them all with the m60 machine gun, freeing Jesse, but he is not wounded like he gets in the original finale. Jesse drives off, never to be seen again.

He contacts Lydia and tells her to get prepped for another batch of his baby blue meth.

Walt spends a whole day cooking in the lab, and what he is left with is a 100% pure product of methamphetamine, but little does anyone know, it's spiked with ricin. Lydia delivers the batch of the baby blue meth, killing hundreds in the process. Walter turns himself in shortly after cooking and dies in jail a few months later.

Leaving Walter Jr. as the soul survivor of the White family, the last scene is Jr. in the future finding out about the millions that are now his. He visits the old house at Negra Arroyo lane, and then speeds off to begin a life of his own.


Which ending do you like more?


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