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BBC America just released a new Orphan Black trailer! A full length trailer! And you can check it out here!

But before you get all excited about the new season - why not talk about why you're so excited!
(Haven't seen it yet? Don't worry - Netflix got you covered!)


It's funny cause they all look the same
It's funny cause they all look the same


Everytime I look at a picture of the cast of [Orphan Black](series:785016) I feel like there is someone missing - simply because around 6 of them are played by this lady right here. Tatiana plays Sarah Manning (above) who one day walks into a girl who looks just like her. But like just like her. And that's where the story starts and we soon find out it's all about clones. And since clones look the same - well - Tatiana Maslany plays EVERY main character. Let me repeat. Tatiana plays EVERY MAIN CHARACTER. Awesome.


Sadly, TV-series about kick ass women are few. And few of them are this good at representing the LGBTQ community - two clones and two sidekicks are definitely part of that community and as Cosima says "my sexuality is the least interesting thing about me". That's how you do it.
All of the clones have been brought up differently and they all have very (very) different personalities; there's the street smart Sarah, the brainy Cosima, the dangerous Helena, the brave Alison, the ballsy Rachel and I could keep going forever.

Felix being Felix
Felix being Felix


Felix, Sarah's brother, is probably my favourite sidekick ever. He is clever and kind and he probably has the biggest heart of everyone on the show. And he makes amazing paintings. Then there's Kira, Sarah's daughter, who keeps her calm while the entire world collapses around her. All while being adorable. And of course, the love interest #1 - Delphine - Cosima's French girl friend who tumblr and The Clone Club love more than they love gifs and cake.


Sometimes Sci-Fi is just that - Science fiction. But Orphan Black manages to get me feel like this could totally happen! I would not be surprised if I bumped into someone looking like me, I would just be freaked out about my life going crazy and having to run from weird science people but I still think it could happen. The story is set in the present and it is just the right amount of dark to freak me out.


It's rather sad that some of the best female roles in TV are all in this show - and my favourite - is Helena. Helena is not just a clone but she is Sarah's twin sister, and she was brought up by nuns in Ukraine while Sarah was brought up in England. She was, unlike many other clones, aware of the other clones, and she was brought up with one goal - to kill her sestras. Helena is, despite all that, one of the most fragile characters on the show. Her struggle to find love (and food) in a world where no one will give her that is one that can resonate in all of us.

Why do you watch Orphan Black? Looking forward to season 3?


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