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Thomas Marsula

Sonic pulls his arm to save Metal's Sonic from being devoured into the lava. He grabs a hold but Metal still pulls down. With Knuckles support he gains his footing and pulls Metal out from the pit. Metal pulls away confused by this gesture. Robotnik pulls up.

Robotnik: What are you waiting for...finish him!

Metal (Looking at his hands): I...can't.

Metal runs off. Robotnik: Useless Robot. I will return with something greater next time.

Scene transition: Team Chaotix hideout

Team Chaotix
Team Chaotix

Charmy: Blast that music up.

A knock at the door. Charmy: I wonder who that could be.

Vector opens the door: Wha, It's So...Sonic.

Mysterious hedgehog (Is heavily cloaked): Actually I'm a close...relative

Vector (Squinting): Are you some kind of twin?

Mysterious Hedgehog: If you see him just tell him that Scourge is coming.

Robotnik flies in proximity to hear the last bit. Scourge closes the door. Robotnik flies in: You are looking for Sonic, you say.

Scourge: Get lost. I have big plans and I don't need some fat man getting in my way!

He kicks the Robotik's ship and the camera closes up on Scourge.

Scourge: I'm going to be the king!


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