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Uncharted 4 and its exclusive PS4 release date are well on the way. A Thief's End is looking like Nathan Drake's last adventure from Naughty Dog and fans are seriously excited about one of the biggest releases of 2015! There's plenty of speculation going around concerning Nathan Drake and his final adventure, but also about the upcoming title's characters. Namely, Nathan's brother, Sam Drake.

Nathan was presumed an orphan at one point in the game, but we now know that he assumed his brother to be dead. After a certain event, that remains unclear, the two brothers were separated for years. With Sam presumed dead, Nathan carried on without his brother, who we now know reappears in his life. But the question remains, can he be trusted?

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 & Sam Drake

Sam Drake is roughly 5 years older than Nathan, and is confirmed to have the same parents as his biological brother. Their childhood relationship is yet to be unveiled, though I'm sure that the narrative in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will hint at their history. But why has he appeared in Nathan's life once more? How did he track him down? And also, what does he need from his brother?

The revelation of Nate having a brother gives context to the very first teaser for Uncharted 4; released back in November 2013. It adds perplexing meaning to the mysterious voices (which we now know to be Sam's) bitter words.

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

Let's take an in-depth look at this quote on the side here. The unbreakable "chains" that Sam references clearly allude to the bonds of brotherhood, but the whole declaration is drenched in animosity. His brother is clearly hurt, and seems to blame Nathan for the pain he underwent for all of these years.

Here's where things get even more interesting though: "but you can't outrun the past... when all your lies collapse around you" implies much about a shady chapter of Nate's life that we've not been privy to, and that chapter is about to be unearthed.

There is a difficult and mysterious past alluded to in this text, and a sense of regret and betrayal between these two characters which we will inevitably be explored in Uncharted 4 .

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4
"Even Sully doesn't know everything about Nathan Drake... there are things that [he] doesn't talk about, and having someone else there that knows those things gives us the opportunity to poke at them and get them out". - Neil Druckmann

Uncharted 4 & Nathan's Past

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is said to explore Nathan's past and delve deeper into his character than ever before. He'll be tasked with difficult situations that will ultimately test his loyalty to both his friends and family. The dark nature of the trailer depicts a far more serious tone for Uncharted 4, one that can see Sam unearth dark secrets in his brother's past.

But then, on the plus side! We'll also get to see some fun family banter. Assumedly these two guys really know their history and will be constantly attempting to out-knowledge one another. Uncharted 4 will certainly have its dark moments, but the series is not going to be losing its quintessential charm and blockbuster appeal!

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4
"Sam has never really quite moved on, but Nate has; he's found Elena, he's found Sully, he's found his calling". - Troy Baker

Sam has essentially been left behind, remaining immersed in the addiction to a dangerous life... and he's one of the few people who can draw Nate back into it. I get an ominous feeling that this pursuit of pirate treasure can only end badly for the brothers, and something tells me that Sam can't be completely trusted.

So what do you think fans? Could Sam Drake be a reckless and dangerous influence on Nathan Drake? Could he be an older brother jealous of his siblings accomplishments, adventures and friendships? We'll just have to wait and find out on Uncharted 4's exclusive release date for the PS4 !


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