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First-some background info. The guy behind this (awesome) short is Adi Shankar. Yes, it’s the same guy who created Power/Rangers, that other badass short film about old and miserable (super) heroes.

Now, let’s break this down.

First, we see a chase that’s so classic for any Bond movie: whether it would be the 60’s classics or the modern movies-Bond chases a bunch of bad guys, successfully disposes of them and then destroys their ship. Classic Bond fare. Then, however we fast-forward to the modern day and BAM. No more action. Only a desperate miserable Bond, who accepts a hit from some random guy from France, while talking about his cultural identity and who he was and how the world has changed. I believe that this is the most acute representation of the modern spy movie we will ever get, be it on a small screen or on a big one. Despite modern movies like “Quantum of Solace” or the Bourne trilogy counting themselves as a spy-movie in the modern times (and we want to believe them), they always bring back one ingredient that would be out of place in the modern world. The big bad. Despite us firmly believing that such a thing/man exists even now (at the moment it’s the president of Russia) it is an outdated concept. The charismatical and crazy villain we used to see in classic Spy flics would simply not work in the modern world. Our villains are the one hiding behind computer screens. They cannot be tracked, let alone destroyed. And because of that, Bond and people like him are an outdated and unnecessary concept. When we had Bond, we always had a treat that could be felt, seen. Those villains did not hide behind desks, they were there, often even on the frontline. And to battle those villains, we needed gentleman spies. Currently we have an army of geeks battling another army of geeks. We don’t need a gentleman who seduces a woman, takes a cool car and destroys the lair of a villain killing over a dozen henchmen in the process. No. We need a dozen Sheldons battling a dozen Leonards, while thinking about Spider-man in the MCU or how to convince millions that Obama/Putin (scrap needed) is evil. And what happened to the spies of day’s past? Did they disappear? No. We had an dozen perfect killing machines on the service of the country. They didn’t have a moral compass, they had a license to kill and they had everything they wanted. And they also had an addiction to that lifestyle. If you are addicted, then you cannot keep your addiction under control. You need to supply it. So, they became killers. Our James Bond is Hitman. Silent assassins without rules, preforming any kill for money. Our modern James Bond will not be the good guy. No. He will be the bad guy. Desperate to get back to his classic lifestyle and in desperate search of adrenaline he will do anything. For anyone. And basically, this is what the short is about. It's about how our hero, not able to cope with the progress, not able to cope with how he was replaced by Q, became a contract killer.


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