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Viewers are eagerly waiting for the return of [American Horror Story](series:206668) this fall, thanks in part to the recent casting announcement that The Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga, will appear in full capacity as a series regular.

While the anticipation for Season 5 of the popular horror series is going strong, I decided to take it upon myself to travel to the distant future and find out what's in store for fans of the show. While I cannot post the year, or season (I can't mess up the time me, happened once, wasn't pretty), I can post the titles and a short synopsis. Ready for a look ahead?

I Really Can't Go...

When jurors begin to commit suicide, two detectives take on the job to find out why. After analyzing the cases that they were involved in, it is discovered that one of the cases is a child custody case. The State of Kentucky is trying to separate a child from his father due to child abuse. But it all takes a turn when a man, backed by members of his cult come to Kentucky to kill the child, claiming that he is the Anti-Christ. Can the detectives save this child from harm?

Have a Horrible Day!

It is discovered in a national survey that all employees that work at the DMV are severely depressed. In a national attempt to raise the moods of the employees, cities across the nation attempt to make the DMV as lively as possible. But things don't go as planned because DMV employees mysteriously began to instantly combust across the nation. Citizens across the nation begin to wonder why must the DMV be a dreadful place to visit? The dark truth will forever change the world.

May We Eat Your Brains?

The MTA is attempting to expand it's subway station and begins digging away to make room to add more railroads. They come across a giant boulder that unknown to them, keeps a society of ghouls from access the "living" world above. The MTA blows up the boulder, and accidentally frees the malevolent flesh eaters from their imprisonment . As the MTA desperately tries to close up the tunnels of the biggest subway station in the world, a colony of Ghouls manage to make it above, where they discover that the board of the MTA are ghouls themselves. What will happen when the filthy ghouls from below, go up against the might ghouls of above?

Mystery Meat

A brand new taco shop opens up on the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn, capturing the hearts, and tummies of all those who step into the family owned establishment. While nothing seems out of the ordinary, it is discovered that the luscious meat that everyone craves happens to be human flesh. When The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene steps in to close the establishment, the patrons turn into wild beasts known as Wendigos. In order to maintain the safety of the humans, the city ultimately decides to let the establishment keep it's doors open to keep the Wendigos under control. A civil war erupts between the humans and the Wendigos. Who will win?

Jumped the Shark

When a tornado filled with sharks hits Los Angeles during Halloween, the citizens have no choice but to kill as many of the flying sharks before they get eaten. The citizens manage to get rid of all the sharks, but due to the tornado opening a rift to the world of the undead, ghost sharks began to emerge from the heavens. While all hope seems lost, a group of paranormal shark hunters emerge, and along with a teacher, a farmer, and a lion tamer, they set out to close the rift.

It's Three Dimensional

A group of Munsters from a universe where monster are "normal" and humans are the "monsters," manage to cross through a three dimensional portal into our universe. Almost instantly, the human wars end as all nations unite as one to take out the Monsters. While the Munsters decide to form an alliance with the Monsters of our world. Who will will survive and call Earth home? You need a 3D television to get the best viewing experience.

Almost There...

A child awakens one night, and wants an ice-cream, and instantly, an ice-cream appears in his hand. Realizing that he has the power to mold reality into his vision, he decides to make his imaginary friend a living person. The imaginary friend manages to keep his powers, and becomes the very first superhero. As the humans of the world praise the great deeds of the hero, a group of men attempt to capture the source of the hero's existent to go back in time and change the outcome for World War II. The plan seems simple, till it is discovered that the child is non-other than The President's kid.

Well there you go, that's all I can reveal for now! Don't spread it though, I don't want to get in trouble with the time traveling police.


Which was your favorite?


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