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Now, last year some time it was revealed that four new Marvel tv programmes would air on Netflix and Netflix only which is slightly annoying if you're a marvel fan and don't have netflix but hey ho. The shows that were announced were Luke Cage, [Daredevil](movie:47230), Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

All of these shows have found their lead roles apart from one, That's right you guessed it. Danny Rand a.k.a. [Iron Fist](movie:6462), a martial artist who plunged his fists into the molten hear of Shou-Lao the dragon which in turn infused the dragons superhuman abilities into Rand along with training by Lei Kung the Thunderer giving Rand the power of the Iron Fist. He is able to concentrate his chi to enhance all his human abilities (strength, agility, speed etc...) He can focus all his energy into his fists causing superhuman force and strength without causing any pain or injury to himself.

So, who would be worthy of wearing the mask of the Iron Fist? As it's quite a hard role to fill, they'd have to know martial arts plus have acting experience and I think Jackie Chan has passed his prime now. So below i've added my top 3 choices.

3) Jaden Smith

Pros: He is used to acting and has experience in martial arts (Karate Kid)

Cons: He might be a bit too young to play Rand as he is only 16

So maybe he could pull it off, and before any of you say "Rand is white", I do know but that hasn't stopped [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) reboot.

2) Garrett Hedlund

Pros: He has a good list of films under his belt and is used to working on the fantasy type movies.

Cons: He's probably too famous to play a character in a tv show let alone a netflix only tv show.

AND MY NO 1 SPOT GOES TO!!.............

1) Greg Cipes


Pros: He is Iron Fist. He looks like him, he sounds like him(due to the fact he voices him in Ultimate Spider-Man) he knows a thing or two about Martial Arts and Meditating and although he may be 30 he still looks like a teenager.

Cons: I really can't think of any other than the fact he is very skinny, but I'm sure it'll take him no time to get those abs for this role.

If you have any other suggestions on who you'd like to play Iron Fist Comment Below.


So who do you favour the most to play the Fist of Iron


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