ByJason Erdman, writer at
Im a big movie buff!! I watch a lot of movies

Wast of my time!!! I went to Hot Tub not expecting it to be good and I was right it was terrible. I don't even know why they wanted to make another one. The first one made about 65 mil but this one is at 10 mil. It's not doing well in the box office.

The first mistake is not having John Cusack in the film. I'm a big Cusack fan, I know lately he hasn't done anything great but he's still a good actor. I thought he was great in the first one.

Second mistake adding Adam Scott, I did not like his character in this film. He's a good actor but in this movie I thought he was terrible.

Third mistake too many dumb dick jokes and the script was all over they had no clue what they were writing when they wrote this film. The film was just so dumb I think I laughed once or twice. I loved the first film but this film didn't need to be made. If you want to go see Hot Tub go rent the movie don't waste your time in theatres.


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