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firestorm or bwana

Okay lets get to the main topic of this article, where the arrow-verse is going to go next. i know we are getting an animated web series for vixen, but in my opinion if they are using the property for a web-series it probably means they are not confident it will do well enough as a live-action series.


This character has a lot of potential, to me he just seems so likable, Ronnie has a really warm feeling about him....get it., mean while dr.stein is more cold. this really makes for an interesting mechanic, as we saw in ep14 of the flash,fallout, Ronnie and stein have merged properly allowing stein to talk to Ronnie. The only problem is that there are not that many firestorm villains, or at least intimidating ones. also stein is rumored to be in the new cw team up show so the chances of a firestorm spin off is slim.


Yes. If only to see the crazy combos he comes up with


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