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Cymbeline, a modern update on the Shakespeare play hits theaters this month. While some things have been updated to fit the times, the story is a classic tale of betrayal, loyalty and love. Featuring an all-star cast, Cymbeline looks to open Shakespeare to a whole new generation. Speaking of the cast, did you know...

1. Ed Harris was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People (2001)

Playing the lead character of Cymbeline, Harris does have a bit of "I'm sexy and I know it" swagger.

2. Milla Jovovich is left-handed.

The Queen joins other well-known people such as Anna Kendrick, Naya Rivera and President Barack Obama. It may prove to be helpful in her mixed martial arts training:


3. Ethan Hawke is a novelist.

Iachimo himself actually wrote a book called "Ash Wednesday" to positive reviews.

4. Dakota Johnson is Pretty Funny

Before "50 Shades," Dakota Johnson was featured in a television sitcom entitled "Ben & Kate." Not too shabby for the actress who plays Imogen.

5. John Leguizamo Was 'Buggin'".

The actor who plays Pisanio had his own show in the 90s. It was called House of Buggin', and it was AWESOME!

6. About Penn Badgley's band, Mothxr:

The name was changed from "Mother" due to it being difficult to find by web search. Either way, Posthumus gets to rock out!

"Cymbeline" hits theaters March 13, 2015.


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