ByRobert Joseph Clark, writer at
Robert Joseph Clark

Marcus pulled his knife from queen Myrrah's lifeless body and watched her gall. He turned to anya and the rest of delta squad. "We lost Dom... we lost my father... we've lost too many people to give up living. I want you all to help me rebuild what's left of this world. That's all I ask..."

Anya nodded to him. "We will help you, Marcus... for Dom and for everyone else we've lost." Baird looked at Marcus and shrugged. "Its not like we have anything else better to do since the locust and the Lambent are dead." Marcus inclined his head to them and they went back to base.

A few years pass and they are in Jacinto, working on rebuilding the city when an earthquake shakes the ground. Marcus pauses his work and looks at the ground. "Could it be... what I think it could be?" A few moments pass, and then a hole opens in the ground a few yards away from him. A grey and reptilian looking hand shoots out of the hole. Marcus sighs loudly and then everything goes black. The end.


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