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I cannot emphasise enough that this is just my random thought, and have nothing to back it up. So please no mean comments saying that lol.

DisneyXD has been showing this cartoon, Ultimate Spider-man, where he joins S.H.I.E.L.D. and is place as part of a team consisting of Luke Cage, Nova, Iron First, and White Tiger. It features a high school aged Peter Parker voiced by Drake Bell. As Spider-man cartoons go it is pretty decent, I am not a big fan of how they present Aunt May but it works.

Here is my thought, this cartoon is an official Marvel/Disney show, Marvel has used animated movies as tie-ins to the MCU so why not this? It has already had Spidey's origin, he has teamed up with most the Avengers, and it has Agent Coulson also voiced by Clark Gregg. And, he is teamed up with Iron Fist and Luke Cage, both of which are getting Netflix series' and will be apart of the Defenders, which Spider-man has been a part of before too, so why not use him in the show. We all want Nova, and white tiger would be cool too to have more female heroes.

I know The Defenders are already made up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, but they could always add the others, maybe as one-shots. I know Ultimate Spider-man has made some errors, with the way they presented the Green Goblin (but haven't we seen enough of him anyway) and how they created Venom, but I think in some comics he was made from Spidey's DNA, but also who knows if Sony gave them the rights to Venom anyways.

Well, anyway this is my random thought.


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