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Okay, so we can all agree that the prequels are not as good as the originals. I would go so far as to say that they are a complete disgrace to cinema and someone should go around destroying every piece of evidence that they ever existed.

With the growing trend of remakes, re-imaginings, reboots, and everything else unnecessary, why not remake something that DESERVES to be fixed?

I know that because of George Lucas's vast ego, he'll definitely be against it. But, if he were to "pass" due to diabetes or some heart disease (have you seen the guy?)

What do you call the "kankle" of necks?
What do you call the "kankle" of necks?

and therefore not be here to yell at the studio for remaking it... would we be able to get it done?

For anyone who thinks it's LITERALLY impossible (it is arguably incredibly improbable), think again:

Remember the original version of Star Wars?


Damn right Han shot first!

So if the f*cking creator can ruin Star Wars by changing vastly important details about main characters, aren't more skilled artists allowed to fix it by changing three very forgettable movies into three really good ones?

I think the argument could be made that the prequels, had they been done right, could have actually been better than the originals... maybe. If we were to view the whole series as one film, then Episode III would be considered the second act of the movie and that's when the heroes lose. Sound familiar?

Empire is considered the best, it's also the second act of a three act movie if you view the originals as one movie.

So, if we were to remake the prequels and fixed everything wrong with them (i.e. remove Qui Gon Gin's character, made Obi Wan the main character, start Anakin at the same age that Luke started, AND ESPECIALLY GET RID OF F*CKING MIDICHLORIANS) we could essentially have another movie up to par with Empire.

If you have a hard time pin pointing whats exactly wrong with the prequels, I recommend watching RedLetterMedia's-errr- I mean, "Mr. Plinkett's" Star Wars Reviews. Here the link to their website:

Go to Mr. Plinkett Reviews and blah blah blah watch the damn videos. They go into every single reason for why they suck. I'd've made the videos myself, but they got to it before I could and did it better than I could have ever imagined.

Anyway, what do you guys think?


Should they remake the prequels?


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