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Krista Hochhalter

There is some buzz going around about Hugh Jackman doing a cameo in Deadpool!! What do you think about all of that? I mean, our dear merc with a mouth & Wolverine in the same flick! Again? They do have a unique history in the comic book world. As in, the enemy-fight-it-out kind of history. Two mutants with self healing abilities & who kind of hate each other? Yea, that could be fun!

Now, with that being said, who else do you want to see in the latest movie? I say Cable. Cable & [Deadpool](movie:38663) have a unique history as well. Again, another one of those love-hate things. (Maybe love to hate?) They actually have a very unique relationship that could make for some interesting big screen chemistry. (Which I do hear that there is a potential for Cable in the [Marvel](channel:932254)l Movies.)

What about a female character? Maybe Rogue? With her sassy southern attitude she maybe able to put him in his place. Maybe. Okay, probably not. This is Deadpool after all. It would still be fun to watch her try though.

Now a villain. My personal favorite villain in the Marvel Universe is Mister Sinister. He has quite a history at least in the X-Men world & well, I'm also a huge X-Men fan. Mister Sinister was also one of the Four Horsemen for Apocalypse as well so those could tie in nicely together. I'm also fairly certain that Deadpool will annoy the living crap out of Mister Sinister quite effectively.

Another interesting theory is that Deadpool's foe in this movie is, well, himself. In the move, Wolverine: Origins, we see Deadpool on the big screen. Many people were very unhappy with the way it ended. I was too. The theory I have considered is maybe that Deadpool was a clone? It's possible.

I'm personally hoping for the Mister Sinister idea. I think everything would tie together for the X-Men side of Marvel Universe. I hope to see Cable, Blind Al, & even Weasel. Either way, it's going to be a great movie & I truly hope they give Deadpool the best kind of movie possible. He's one of my absolute favorites!

Who else would you want to see?


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