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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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This 1985 Classic with Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd is timeless. And anyone who's seen the movie them self knows about all of the different endings that suggest who the real killer might have been throughout the entire movie.

But I've created my own ending..

And it's one that not only stays true to the film, but also adds a twist I'm sure none of you will see coming.

Let's go over the three original endings to the movie first though, so you will be able to have some knowledge on what they were in the first place.

1. Ms. Peacock?

The talkative, middle aged, Ms. Peacock character was far from innocent in this ending.

2. Ms. Scarlet Was Always Suspicious To Me..

Ms. Scarlet never was the innocent type either..

3. So You're Mr. Body!

I never saw it! coming!

The last clip posted is the true ending to the movie. And as shocking as it is, I think I have an ending that's even more darker and more intriguing than that one.

My Ending

Clue (1985)
Clue (1985)

In the real ending to 'Clue', none of the main characters is the person killing everyone in the mansion. In fact, no one is being murdered at all. Yes there are dead bodies showing up everywhere, but they aren't the bodies of human beings.

Let me explain..

Wadsworth (the butler) is actually the victim of an experiment being done by a secret society of mad scientist who all want to know how far the human mind can bend before breaking completely. Or in other words, how much someone can handle before going completely insane. And they have done this by arranging for Wadsworth to meet with people who are all being blackmailed like he has. But what he doesn't know is that the other people aren't people at all; they are all androids that have been masterfully created by the scientist to human-like perfection.

And their job is to make Wadsworth think he and them are all in the same boat with the blackmailer, as they wait for whoever he/she is to show up and address each of their situations. One of the scientist also goes in for the experiment to make sure everything goes as planned, and to also pull off the final act.

Then the lights go off in all of the mansion for a exactly one minute before turning back on. And then it's revealed that the the scientist is dead on the ground for no apparent reason. Wadsworth of course doesn't understand, but the other androids smirk at each other as they realize things are about to get even more interesting.

Since the scientist seemingly died for no reason, one of the other androids suggest they all go and search for who might be the murderer, Wadsworth agrees.

And as the search goes on, each of the androids kill themselves off in different ways and at different times, until Wadsworth starts contemplating to just leave the mansion instead of waiting for the blackmailer that was never going to show up in the first place. The last androids left (Ms. Peacock, Mr. Green, Ms. Scarlet) decide to ask him to stay and wait for the blackmailer to show up, and he does.

Then as all of them enter the room to wait for the final guest, the androids decide to go ahead and complete their parts in the experiment. So as the butler drinking and gathering his thoughts, they all walk up to him and start to repeat the same chant saying, ''How much can you take?'', ''How much can you take?''. Then they all start to malfunction with sparks flying out of every limb and socket until they fall on to the floor, dead.

Now Wadsworth is far beyond scared and confused, he wants to get in his car and drive away, but his mind is still trying to wrap around everything that has just happened. So as he sits and holds his head, the scientist he thought had been dead in the beginning slowly gets up, and once Wadsworth sees this, he almost faints, curiosity is the only thing keeping him awake right now.

The scientist then reveals what had exactly been going on there that night, and why it had happened. Then he says , ''If my hypothesis was right, you should be contemplating suicide by now'', before going over to an all black box with a purple ribbon wrapped around it, and opening it to reveal a fully loaded pistol.

And Wadsworth doesn't hesitate, he grabs the gun, points it to his head, and shoots himself dead.

The End


How Did YOU Like My Ending?!


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