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Travis TrayTray

Greetings my fellow Spider-Man lovers this article shall review the latest Spider-Man movies and then predict what could happen in the next which is supposedly going to be released in 2018. I just hope it's worth the wait. I mean Andrew Garfield does play a pretty good Spider-Man but I want the original to return even though we all know he is getting a bit old for the Spider-Man I at least wish to see him in one more great movie before he hangs up the towel. Garfield has been playing the role quite nicely but he seems like the type of Spider-Man where he would get seriously injured and just turn his movies into a series. The real question would be after Garfield is gone who will take our Web swinger's costume and continue on the legacy? Unless the directors come to a consensus in which the African-American Spider-Man Miles Morales will be revealed in the upcoming Spider-Man. In order to do so I believe they would have to kill off Peter Parker somewhere in the movie which will trigger Miles the 13 year old boy that covers up his death by becoming the new Spider-Man. I believe that it would be a good ending for the actual movie that is coming out 2018. If the directors were to view my article and use it I believe that the movie will make it to the top 3 movies of the year. All I ask of if the directors do use my idea is my name in the credits at the end of the movie. Plus I will leave my Instagram, and Kik at the bottom of this article if any of my viewers would like to discuss articles. Contact me when ever you would like I always have a moment to talk.

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