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Joe Brunett

The teaser for American Horror Story Season 5 just came out. It features Lady Gaga wearing nothing out of the ordinary, for her. She announces that it will be titled, Hotel.

As far as the last season went, I'm hoping there's more "horror". As much as I loved Dandy, and Twisty the clown, I wasn't too impressed with the season itself. In my opinion, it could have been so much creepier, and gross (which is what we love about American Horror Story).

With this new teaser coming out, so many questions have been raised: What time period will this take place in? Who are going to be the protagonists, and the antagonists? Who will be returning from the previous seasons? What horror film will this be based on? The reason I ask what film it will be based on is because the past four seasons have been based off some kind of horror film. The first season is a rendition of many haunted house films, the second season is based on more of truth than films, the third season is like The Craft and many salem witch trial films, and the fourth season is a direct reflection of the 1932 film Freaks.

I wonder where they'll take this new season. Some ideas I had in mind were The Shining, 1408, The Innkeepers, and even Tower or Terror.

What do you guys think will happen in [American Horror Story](series:206668) Season 5?


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