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Due to popular demand, I have made a list of villains I want to see on TNT's "Titans". So here they are.


This villain could work very well if the show is connected to the CWTVU, and if Arsenal joins the team. Besides that, Deathstroke is pretty much the Titans arch-nemesis in the comics and Bennet owns the role for me.


A physically imposing villain who is also a genius, Blockbuster could prove to be the perfect foil for the titular team of teen heroes.


Although better known as a hero, Jericho (who just so happens to be Deathstroke's son) would be very cool to see turn on the team. And, (at least in the Flarrow world, which could be connected to this show) on the island with Oliver, Slade said that he does has a son.


Should these guys be the villains?


Which villain article should I do next?


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