ByJoe Welton, writer at

Filming has started on Snowden, the Hollywood portrayal of how a brave whistleblower/treasonous jerk leaked classified information on the NSA and escaped to Russia. The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the title character. It also notably stars Nic Cage, Timothy Olyphant, Tom Wilkinson, Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto, Melissa Leo, Rhys Ifans and Joely Richardson.

Several questions will need answering:

1. Why didn't they cast Quinto as Snowden?

2. Will Nic Cage get to do a Russian accent? (Oh please God, yes).

3. Will it be a fair, balanced, rational adjudication of the facts and......Oh wait, Oliver Stone is the director. Never mind.

4. Will Putin's portrayal be better than the recent House of Cards version? The bad guy from Sherlock season 3, kills it in that show.

5. Why isn't CSI's Wallace Langham, playing Glenn Greenwald?

6. Actually, can Nic Cage play Putin?? That would guarantee all my money.

7. Will it be better than The Fifth Estate? Actually, even with Stone directing, it should be a fairer assessment of the facts than the Assange hit-job. Think about THAT for a moment.

So many questions, most of which are just my own personal feelings and highly insignificant. Either way, I will keep an eye on this movie, and another on my tin-foil hat.


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