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Here are some top publicity stunts ever done.

1. The Simpsons Publicity Stunt

We start the count down with The Simpsons Movie which did three! The first was in America and involved transforming a selection of 7-Eleven convenience stores into Kwik-E-Marts. Talk about bringing cartoons to life! In the UK on the other hand, the PR team painted an image of Homer in his underwear next to the Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset. They also floated a large Spider-Pig above the prominent location of Battersea Power Station. The song is pretty catchy spider pig!

Spider Pig
Spider Pig

2. The Blair Witch Project

Marketers Claim the Movie Is "Real" and Actors "Missing and Assumed Dead"

Oh Lady Blair, your film publicity skillz are still the fairest of them all. When "The Blair Witch Project" hit theaters in 1999, filmmakers were determined to make it a success. How? By claiming it was 100 percent real. Yup. Marketers said the movie's three actors were all "missing and assumed dead." They even hung "missing" posters around the Sundance Film Festival to boost buzz. The result? The most successful hoax in movie history — "Blair Witch" grossed about $250 million on only a $20,000 budget. Hmm i think another movie took a similar you know?

Blair Witch poster
Blair Witch poster

3. Carrie

The video has over 61 million views on YouTube. It documents a publicity stunt, commissioned by MGM and Screen Gems, to promote the remake of the horror movie Carrie, which hits theaters back in 2013. The footage was shot at 'sNice cafe in Manhattan's West Village in July. The staff, management, and actors were in on the joke—and some unsuspecting customers were treated to an elaborately constructed horror show. This is about causing a scene and social media does the rest! Pretty Brilliant!

4. Chronicle

In 2012 you might recall some flying people, especially in the NY area. Your not crazy if you think you saw some people flying over the Manhattan skyline over. The movie "Chronicle" launch some human-shaped, remote control aircraft over the city as a viral marketing campaign. I think a bunch of flying people would my attention. What do you think?


War of The Worlds redux! The marketing team for this sci-fi action film put together an entire 30-minute newscast that was interrupted by the breaking news that aliens had invaded the planet. The production was so convincing that some 911 call centers were swamped with callers. The movie grossed close to $1 billion at the box office worldwide. Not bad for a return on investment!

Check out the video below....


Jerry Seinfeld, who gamely donned a bee costume, was affixed to a zip line, and then thrown off the roof of the eight-story Carlton Hotel, eventually alighting on a pier prominently displaying the movie's logo. While the stunt apparently was carried off without incident, there has to be a part of DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg that secretly, selfishly hoped the cord would snap and send Seinfeld crashing into the sea. Talk about making a buzzzzz!


At the MTV Movie Awards we watched as Sacha Baron Cohen dressed up as Bruno in a thong and wings and landed butt first in Eminem’s face. Eminem stormed out of the ceremony and everyone was talking about it. It was later revealed that he was in on the stunt and said: "I'm thrilled that we pulled off this off better than we rehearsed it. It had so many people going 'nuts', so to speak".


For the movie Chucky a marketing team hired a bunch of actors and dressed them up as of course Chucky. Check out the video below.....pretty much self explanatory.

9. Devil's Due

You may want to think twice before poking your head in the next passing stroller. You never know if it might be harboring a terrifying zombie baby.

As a promotion for the upcoming horror film “Devil’s Due,” filmmakers made a remote-controlled stroller with a horrifying animatronic “devil baby” to scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting New Yorkers.

10. The Interview

Was it a publicity stunt? It got enough attention to have massive publicity demanding to go check it out.

What do you think?


The Interview Publicity Stunt?


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