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Frozen's been out for two years now! That's crazy right? It feels like it just came out! Especially with the world still being infatuated with that movie and it's popular song 'Let It Go'. The irony in the title of that song is just wonderful.

If you haven't seen Frozen already, I'd advise you to watch it before you read this article, unless you're not worried about potential SPOILERS! If you have seen Frozen, or you just don't care about spoilers, please read on.

How It Ended

Anna, after searching far and wide for her sister Elsa, who fled the castle into the wilderness after nearly harming guests at her coronation with her powers, finally finds her in an ice castle.

The two reconcile, but Elsa, still fearing that she might harm her sister, begs Anna to leave her alone. Anna refuses to leaver her, and Elsa once again accidentally uses her powers, freezing Anna's heart. After a series of events, Kristoff takes Anna back to the kingdom of Arendelle, realizing that the only way for her to be saved is to kiss her one true love, Hans.

Meanwhile, Hans, who is actually an evil dirt-bag, leads an army of soldiers to capture Elsa and imprison her. He plans to let Anna die and then charge Elsa for treason and the death of the princess!


Elsa escapes and faces Hans in a blizzard. She is told that Elsa is dead (a lie) by Hans and, in her moment of grief over her sister, opens herself up for an attack from the evil prince! He prepares to strike her with his sword, but Anna jumps in the way at the last second, turning completely into ice and blocking the attack. Elsa hugs her sister and cries, believing her to be truly dead. But then, all of a sudden, Anna begins to melt! Anna and Elsa's sisterly love is a true act of love, and enough to cure Anna's frozen heart! Anna and Elsa embrace! A little later, Hans, after suffering a heavy punch to the face from Anna, is deported to the South Islands to stand trial, Elsa is Queen once more, Anna and Kristoff fall in love, and the kingdom of Arendelle is warm again! Textbook 'Happily Ever After' ending!

How I'd See It End

It's no secret nowadays that Frozen is loosely based on a fairy tale, as most Disney princess movies are. The tale in question is called 'The Snow Queen'. In the fairy tale, The Snow Queen kidnaps and enslaves a child named Kai. Yes, Elsa is the villain in this story! And in mine, well, sort of. Let's just get to the ending and all will be revealed!

It's been about an hour after Elsa has left the castle. Anna, tired of standing around, decides to go find her sister herself. Though her royal guards, and Hans, advise her not to go out in the cold alone, she ignores them. She comes across a shop in the forest and goes inside to gather supplies. It's there she meets Kristoff whom, after a little persuading, agrees to accompany her on her dangerous trek! Anna, Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven, journey to find Elsa. But...they never do. Nothing. The blizzard becomes too harsh for them to continue, so Anna must abandon her mission. She returns home, only to find that Hans has gone missing!

She wants to go back out there and find her true love, but alas, the winter is still too tough. You could barely see four feet in front of you out there! So, she's forced to wait. But Hans never returns...He's eventually just presumed dead. Anna is distraught, having lost her sister and her true love to the harsh cold. She resumes her duties as Princess until her coronation day, where she is officially crowned Queen. Kristoff stays by her side, and the two fall in love. Soon after Anna's coronation day, the two get married and Kristoff becomes King.
Many years later, the couple welcomes the newest member of the royal family into the world; Prince Kai!

Now, in order to give you a good idea on how Kai would look, I decided to try out one of those baby maker things. Let's see here:


Um...ok...that's not very all. Let's try a different approach. Perhaps the world of fan art has something?

There we go.
There we go.

Thanks artists with too much time on their hands! So ignore Elsa and the daughter, as neither are with the royal family in this alternate ending.

At around his eighth birthday, Prince Kai hears tell of an old legend called 'The Snow Queen'. He asks his mother about the legend. She has a noticeable look of sadness upon her face. She tells him not to worry about it, and to go about his day. Obviously, this only piques his interests even more. He goes around town, listening to the whispers of the people of Arendelle .

Shopkeeper—"It's nearly winter again."

Customer—"It snows year round. It's always winter."

Shopkeeper—"Aye. But I mean...that time of winter. Where SHE can be seen."

The customer rolls his eyes and hands the shopkeeper a small coin purse.

Customer—"Not this again. The Snow Queen is a legend old man. She's not real."

Shopkeeper—"Oh she's real alright, I've seen her! Every year, around this time, she can be—"

Customer—"Seen on top of the highest mountain singing to her snow bees, I know the story. Just give me my fish please."

The shopkeeper grumbles and hands the fish to the customer. After the customer leaves, Kai confronts the shopkeeper and asks him about the Snow Queen. The old marketer tells him the tale.

Shopkeeper—"Once upon a time, a long time ago, long before the reign of Queen Anna and King Kristoff, there was a terrible evil that made this land its home. The evil turned the sunny fjords into the snowy desolate land you see today! This evil was known as the Snow Queen. She was a ruthless sorceress with a heart of ice. Legend says, that after freezing over the land, she disappeared; never to be seen again."

Kai, a bit frightened, gulps loudly and asks what happened to the Queen.

Shopkeeper—"Legend has it, that you can see her during the beginning of the Winter Solstice, serenading her army of snow bees on the highest mountain in the forest. But no one dares journey there.

But of course, since Kai is a curious lad, he dares. He goes to his mother and father and tells them what the shopkeeper told him. He says that he wants to make the journey there, to see the Snow Queen. His mother and father of course, refuse and tell him not to speak of it anymore. Saddened, he runs to his room and locks himself in. In the middle of the night, his parents go to check on him. But what they find is an empty bed and a letter from Kai, stating that he went to see the Snow Queen. Completely terrified, the King and Queen think about what to do! Kristoff opts to go out into the wilderness and find Kai, while Anna stays and continues to rule the kingdom in the event he doesn't return.
Meanwhile, Kai is alone in the wilderness during the harshest time of the year. During this particular time, the snow gets denser, and the blizzards are longer, making it incredibly hard to see. Kai searches for hours, but due to his obscured vision in the storm, he can't find the mountain. He decides to just go back home, but soon finds that he can't locate that either! Lost and alone in the woods, he lays under a tree and tries to warm himself up. He shivers and close his eyes, it looks as if he is about to meet his end. When, all of a sudden, he hears a peculiar sound. The sound of someone, singing. He follows the sound, and begins to notice how the snow around him has a glow to it.
He continues toward the sound of the singing until he finally reaches its source. He realizes that he is on the top of the highest mountain, and stares in front of him. Out of the blizzard, a beautiful woman dressed in a blue, sparkling dress, and a crown made out of ice, appears. He looks at her in awe, not believing what he's seeing. The Snow Queen was real! She motions for him to come forward and he abides, Kai then disappears into the snow with her.
Meanwhile, Kristoff, using Sven's tracking skills, follows the Kai's trail to the top of the mountain. But there's nothing there, and the trail goes cold. Distraught, he sits down in the snow, wondering where his boy could have gone. Suddenly, a man in a cloak appears out of the blizzard and introduces himself to Kristoff.

Kristoff—"Who are you?"

Man—"I am a hermit, living atop these mountains. You're looking for your son."

Kristoff—"How do you know that?"

Kristoff prepares his weapon. Just in case this mysterious man tries anything funny.

Man—"She has him. We must hurry, before it's too late."

As if knowing who "she" was, Kristoff follows the man up the mountain. There lies a castle made completely of ice. Kristoff and the man run inside to find Kai imprisoned in an ice cell. Kristoff calls out to his son and runs over to the cell. He tries to break it, but nothing works.

Kristoff—"You there, hermit! Help me free my son!

The hermit simply stands there and begins to silently laugh. He takes off his hood to reveal...HANS!
Elsa, the Snow Queen appears next to Hans. Hans proceeds to monologue (as most villains tend to do) about how he found Elsa and convinced her to join him in terrorizing the land. He could have easily gone back and become King alongside Anna, but he felt that the Snow King sounded like a MUCH better title. His plan is to strip away everything Anna loves, leaving her weak and her kingdom vulnerable to an attack! But why would Elsa go along with this?!
Well, Elsa thought that Anna had abandoned her, left her to die. When Anna couldn't find her, Hans did. And he told her lies about how Anna didn't even try to look for her, and was glad that Elsa was gone as it meant that she could leave the gates of Arendelle open for as long as she wanted. This hurt Elsa, and allowed the ice in her body to reach her heart, turning her cold. Kristoff tries to attack Hans, but he overpowers him. Hans throws Kristoff into the cell with his son. He then instructs Elsa to kill them. Though she shows a brief sign of hesitance, she tries to do so anyway. She creates several ice spears and aims them at the cage. All looks grim for our heroes!
But just as it seems that our heroes will meet a gruesome and untimely demise, Anna bursts in the castle. She begs Elsa to stop. Seeing Anna causes Elsa to go wide-eyed and freeze in place.


(I apologize for the cheesy dialogue but you pretty much can not have dialogue without the added cheese. ESPECIALLY in a Disney film.)

Anna—"Elsa, please, don't do this."

Elsa—"But you left me, to die!"

The dialogue is cheesy with this one...
The dialogue is cheesy with this one...

Anna—"I would never do that! I looked for you, but I couldn't find you! All this time, I thought you were dead."

Elsa—"But Hans said—"

Anna then goes on to state how Hans is a liar, and that everything he's done and said was to manipulate Elsa, Hans obviously tries to turn her against Anna, calling her the liar. But Else, awakened to the truth, stops believing in Hans. She drops the ice spears and releases Kai and Kristoff. Her and Anna embrace, and the hug is enough to warm up Elsa's cold heart. But Hans hasn't given up yet, he grabs Kai and draws a sword to his throat, threatening to end the young boy's life if he didn't get what he wanted! Kai bites his hand, causing Hans to drop him and scream in pain. He lashes his sword out at Kai, but Elsa quickly makes the floor beneath him ice. He slips backwards and falls off the balcony of the castle, into the snowy abyss below.
Years later, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Kai have returned to the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa un-freezes the land and spring finally comes around. The End. And don't worry ye die-hard Olaf fans, just before the film ends, Elsa creates a living snowman for Kai, and his new little sister to play with. Now The End!

So there you have it! My alternate ending for Frozen! It's a bit heavier than the original ending, but I like it. But of course I enjoyed it, I'm the one who wrote it! What did YOU think of this ending?


What do you think of my Frozen: Alternate Ending?


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