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I love superheroes and can talk for hours about them!!
Kevin White

We all know how days of future past ended...

Logan wakes up in the X-mansion, to find the school in progress and he see's beast, storm, jean, and cyclops.

And now is the alternate ending

As the scene rolls, Logans voice is talking in the background.

As the story goes there is nothing set in stone.

After the near anhialtion of the mutants as a species, the current couldn't be so bad could it.

The spaces betweened my knucked ached, but it was nothing new...

The last thing I remember was drowning after magneato through me from the coliseum, a grim death. But when was last time I did die?

My name is logan, and I was sent back to stop the mutant war.

As my senses clear I hear the sound of growing and moaning and only see darkness.

I smell a rat and know i am somewhere I shouldnt. I look down and read my name tags, they read wolverine: arkham asylum.

And the screen blacks out.

We can see where this leads too... an epic crossover between dc and marvels greatest superheroes.


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