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So, as it has been stated, across the board (I mean, you could call it the shot heard around the world!), the finale for [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) was a HUGE let down. To be honest, the entire final season was a let down. Now, personally I see why it made sense, and mehhh I see HOW they came to that ending. However, it was not the ending I waited 9 FREAKING SEASONS FOR!!! So, I will first explain the ending as it actually happened.


The final season for How I Met Your Mother started with some very promising ideas in the works. Season 8 had just ended with Barney, the mosagenistic womanizer of the group, proposing to Robin, the Canadian beauty of the group, and Ted's main love interest. There has always been a looming dramatic quirk over the fact that both Ted and Barney had dated Robin previously. (Note for the sake of time and sanity, and because... You know yo... I will be proceeding with the implication that you know the rest of the show and it's characters.)

To really start I will acknowledge that the entire final season, excluding the final two episodes, span over the time-frame of two days, and primarily takes place at Robin and Barney's wedding. The season is sprinkled with all of the great, quirky humor that we love. It also includes a struggle between Marshall and Lily with the fact that they were planning to move to Italy (they had been excited about living their dream in Rome), but Marshall gets offered a Judge job while on his way to the wedding. So, naturally this causes problems with them. During this, Robin is stuggling to get her wedding to stay on track (as is every bride). Barney is being a non-womanizing version of himself and is really focused on being the husband of Robin. Ted is trying to come to terms with the fact that he has to let go of the love of his life and move on. Plus, during all of this, everyone BUT Ted has met the mother... (Also, before I move on, I need to mention that the end of the Bro Code was genius on Barney's part. I mean Robin was his final play! Sorry, anywhos-it)... Now, fast forward, the wedding is over, and Ted has met the mother while waiting for a train to move away and leave all of his loving friends so he can "move on from Robin" pfft... And at this point we are entering the final two episodes.

The final two episodes are just a mush, haphazard, thrown together montage of Ted and the mom's relationship and where everyone's life has been going since the wedding. It becomes an acceptance of the fact that they no longer are or can be as close of a friend group as they once were. Oh yeah, and Barney and Robin got divorced three years later, but five/ten minutes into the episode following the episode. Through all of this mush, and what I describe as a drunken game of darts, (in which Barney randomly has a kid) they tell Ted and the mom's relationship and then 10 minutes from the end of the last episode, BAM! the mother dies from some illness in her 50s and then Ted says something about how he will always love their mother.

Now, my least favorite part. The kids are just casually like, "dad, that was a story all about how you are in love with Aunt Robin, and even though we spent 9 freaking seasons of you telling us 'How You Met Our Mother' psshhhh we are totes cool with it.... Go get her Champ;)", and Ted grabs the Blue french horn and goes to see Robin, and they lived Happily-ever-Bleh.

~~~Nowww! On the newest episode of HOW I THINK IT SHOULD OF ENDED!~~~

To start, I would like to say that I am completely satisfied with the series up til the final season. Additionally, I would like to give my appreciation to the writers producers, actors, and crew, even for the last season. Overall, it was a great show. That being said, here is how I think it should have gone.

First, the wedding should have only spanned a few episodes TOPS at the beginning of the season. I believe that it would have left STILL plenty of time to conclude the things it did and form the relationships it did, ESPECIALLY with the mother. They should still have kept her as the bass player in the band at Robin and Barney's wedding, and they should still have kept how they met, Ted and the mother, the same. To add to that, the use of the umbrella in their meeting was perfect and symbolic. From there it should have just been a season of getting to see their relationship form, and her be integrated into the friend group. Then, Ted would be with her at the water tower setting, that I did in fact love for the proposal. This season could have been set to look like more time was passing than the other seasons had shown, or it would have been able to do normal season speed perfectly setting Ted up for his "quick to fall in love" signature style (which with her being 'The One' for Ted, would have been perfect). After that they get married, she gets pregnant, Bam back to the couch where he wraps it up with "and kids... That's how I met your mother"...

Additionally, I think it would be great for them to have Robin and Barney stay together. Ted could go on to tell the kids that Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney stayed together and found out that Robin could infact have kids, and that the doctor was wrong, and that they went on to have the two kids (Insert names here), that you, his kids, had grown up with. He could mention that they were worried that they would get to see Robin and Barney much anymore because Robin took a job back home in Canada... You know, doing Canadian news stuff. But they ended up moving back to New York because Barney got offered a much better job there, and Robin was able to take Don Franks old job as lead ancor, which would give her a bit of guilty pleasure *mwahaha*. From there the kids find out that Uncle Marshall continued his judgeship after accepting the job, and went on to run for Governor. To add to this, Lily ended up finishing art school and went on to become a very successful painter and currently has work displayed at Blah-place of displaying stuff. They went on to have one more child.

From there, the doorbell rings, and it's Aunt Robin, who is there to pick up the mom for them to go to beers with Lily. This would solidify the image of the mother in the group, as well as her relationship with Robin, which would give a feeling that everything worked out even with Ted and Robins history.

That's How It Should Have Ended.

And that's a wrap. Let me know if you guys agree or disagree! You can even post any alternative or additional ideas in the comments! Thanks for reading!

-Billy Sanders


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