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Here we go folks let's jump right in! I have separated the comics into the categories ON THE RISE, HOT, HOTTER, NUCLEAR & FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS. Stay tuned for further updates, comics are chosen based on auction outcomes, personal watch lists and relation to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Unvierse) and other studio properties.


Daredevil 170- First Kingpin vs Daredevil

Daredevil 158-181- Frank Miller run

Man without Fear 1-4- Frank Miller Returns

Infinity Gauntlet 1-6

Avengers 316- Spider Man joins Avengers

ROM #1- First appearance of Rom

New Mutants Annual 2- First appearance of Elizabeth Bradock (Psylocke)

Uncanny X-Men 213 -First Appearance as Psylocke / Wolverine vs Sabertooth /End of Mutant Massacre

Giant Size Defenders #3 - First Korvac

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider Man #1- First Spectacular Spider-Man title,_The_Spectacular_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1,_The_Spectacular_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1

Marvel Premiere 2- First appearance of Warlock as Adam Warlock

X-Men 130- First appearance of Dazzler

Captain America 168 -First Helmut Zemo

Captain America 25 (2007)

Secret War 2- First Appearance of Daisy Johnson

Captain America 208- First Arnim Zola


Avengers 16- Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch join the Avengers

The Uncanny X-Men 133- First Wolverine X-men Solo

X-Factor 6- First Apocalypse

Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos 5- First Baron Strucker


Marvel Premiere 1- First appearance of Warlock (Adam Warlock)

Fantastic Four 66- First appearance of Him (Adam Warlock)

Fantastic Four 46- First appearance of Black Bolt


Avengers 11- First Spider-Man vs the Avengers

Fantastic Four 67- Continuation of Him appearance (First Full)


Avengers 6- First Baron Zemo

Amazing Spider Man 50- First Appearance of Kingpin

Fantastic Four 45- First appearance of the Inhumans

Marvel Super-Heroes 13- First appearance of Carol Danvers

X-men 4- First Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver

Avengers 55- First Ultron

Avengers 57- First Vision

Journey into Mystery 99- First Calvin Zabo (Mister Hyde)

Journey Into Mystery 103- First appearance of Enchantress and the Executioner


Data by Ted. Who & Ted appear courtesy of Friends in Square Places by Alex Anico and Studio Mogura


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