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My name is Matthew Pope I'm 17 yrs old I totally hated the Batman the Dark Knight Rises ended. Here's my little spin.

Batman picks up the bomb with the bat-plane and sets its course on auto pilot. He also finds out that Bane has been forming a team. He his members include Killer Crock, Joker, Scarecrow. They form this group in Arkam. They decide to rob Wayne Tech. because of a shipment of diamonds just came in. Batman catches wind of this and takes action. He takes down Scarecrow first with a smoke bomb and a devastating knock out punch. He takes Scarecrows fear machine uses and attempts to use it on Crock but he breaks it with his tail. While they fight Bane breaks the vault and is making his escape with the diamonds. Batman sees bane and wants revenge. But that one second costs him and Crock hit batman with his tail sending batman through a wall where he finds joker terrorizing the security. Joker unloads on batman with a barrage of bullets. Batman throws a batarang disarming joker and cutting loose the guards. Punches Joker then ties him and Scarecrow. After personally taking them to arkam he searches form Bane and killer Crock. He finds them fighting in a grave yard. When Batman arrives they stop and Bane you cant take on the both of us. Batman replies you wanna bet. Bane then out of the random snaps the arms of Killer Crock and runs accidentally waking Solomon Grundy. Grundy sees the diamonds and began his slow chant. Grundy grabs hold of bane breaking his back. Batman attempts to fight Grundy and calls in for help. After 15 mins Hawkgirl arrives with Nightwing. Hawkgirl beings to fight Grundy. In the mist Bane being a total bad ass finds the strength to snap his back back in to place dashes for Batman and starts flooring him with punches Nightwing knocks him off and Bane shakes him off returns to a seemingly helpless batman. Batman takes out his Tazer/Brass knuckles and unloads on Bane saying I took down superman you really think you could beat me. Nightwing throws smoke bombs towards bane Batman flips over bane while cutting his cord that supplies the venom does another back-flip while calling in his Bat-mobile that crashes right in to bane knocking him out and covered in blood and venom. While Hawkgirl thinks the has finished of Grundy as she flies away Grundy reaches up and breaks her wing Batman and Nightwing break out their nth metal batons and go to work they. Then batman wraps his utility belt around Grundy's neck press a button that opens a portal and then the belt electrifies Grundy he drops the diamonds and Then Batman tosses Nightwing in the air Batman jumps up Nightwing throws Batman towards Grundy Batman hits a dropkicks Grundy in the portal. They help Hawkgirl in. They chain up Bane and send the Bat-mobile back to the Cave. They zip-line to the top of the nearest building(Ace Chemicals). Police sirens ringing it starts raining and Nightwing asks where they sent Grundy and Hawkgirl he replies to Nabu...Dr.Fate. Nightwing says you look beat-up wanna call it a night Batman says crime never stops there's still work to be done Nightwing jumps on his bike rides off. Batman says I am vengeance I am the night I am BATMAN! while lightning strikes the poll behind him. His theme plays and the credits roll

The End


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