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Aminia Junior Swaggie

The countdown to Avengers: Age of Ultron is on and today we’ve got info from Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner, a new look at new character “Vision” and details on the next trailer. We’re less than two months away until The Avengers once again unite on the big screen and we’re getting new details from two of the film’s stars, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. In an interview with Yahoo movies, Evans described the film as a “family drama” while Renner compared the team to The Bad News Bears saying there needs to be a reason for everyone to get together and when they do they are pretty unstoppable. They are flawed and there’s conflict and tension, but they are a family with family struggles and relatable human conflicts. As for what’s in store for Captain America in the sequel, Evans explained to Collider that he’ll be adjusting to the events of The Winter Soldier and the fact that SHIELD is no more and Tony Stark is now fitting the bill, but with so many characters to deal with, don’t expect too much of the events of Cap’s story from The Winter Soldier to play out in Age of Ultron. That includes further exploring his relationship with Black Widow as he explained that dynamic is already set between them and Widow will have her own story arc to deal with in the film. Evans also suggested that we will continue to see his fighting style evolve and show how his heightened reflexes play into that. We know from previous interviews that Renner wasn’t a fan of how “Hawkeye” was portrayed in the first film, but promises we’ll get more of his backstory in the film and even find out where he was during the events of The Winter Soldier when SHIELD was collapsing saying quote,

"You'll know in this movie. It's actually a really wonderful secret reveal, it's pretty awesome."

Though Renner wouldn’t share too many specifics, he did reveal that Hawkeye will spend a great deal of time with new additions Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and it will be his task to figure out whether or not they are good or bad. He will also be getting a number of new Stark built gadgets to add to his collection or weapons and though there are currently no plans for a solo Hawkeye movie, he would be interested in exploring who Hawkeye is in future films or even on the various Marvel television shows as long as there is a good rational reason for it. In other Avengers news, in addition to the new character posters that have been debuting since last week, we’re also getting some new character banners, including a good look at Paul Bettany as “Vision”. So far, we’ve only been treated to small glimpses of the fan favorite character, but that may change as Marvel has announced a new trailer will debut this Thursday on ABC during the premiere of the new series, American Crime. What do you think of Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner’s comments about Avengers: Age of Ultron and do you think we’ll get our first official look at Vision on Thursday when the trailer arrives? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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