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When it comes to Aliens Colonial Marines, many people give it a bad wrap. I think it is actually pretty good. But that subject is for a later post. This post, as you saw from the title, is about how I would of ended the game. Before I get to that it might be best if I give a little bit about the plot before hand, for those who have not played the game.

Aliens Colonial Marines is a first person shooter game. The story takes place seventeen weeks after Corporal Hicks sent his distress signal in the second movie. You play as Corporal Winter if the USMC, onboard the Sephora. He and his unit arrive over LV-426 to find the Sulaco. After travelling through the ship they meet the Xenos and members of Weyland-Yutani's PMCs onboard. They fight their way through the ship only for their own ship and the Sulaco to blow up as the evacuate down onto the planet. Now the goal is to survive and get off world. That is the general gist of the game.

Now at the end, after boarding their Cheyenne dropship they crashed it into the hull of a FTL (faster than light) capable ship. Unfortunately the queen was with them. After a pain in the butt battle, you launch the queen out of the ship using a cargo launcher. From there you get a cutaway where you and the remainder of your team mourn the loss of your commanding officer and then head deeper into the ship before breaking atmo. It then shows you talking to a droid like Bishop, after a little bit of a talk one of the team members shoot him and it shows them facing out the window saying how they are going to take down Weyu from the inside out and then come back for the marines they let behind.

They way I would of done it is that, there would be another level (kinda like a epilogue level like in Assassin's Creed IV) where you would be fighting your way into the ship to take control. After that it would do the cutaway scene with the synthetic. But then instead of saying how they are taking down Weyu, they actually go down and get their lost soldiers. And you would get to do a little fending off as they board the ship. From their it would show everyone climbing into cryotubes as they head back to face off against Weyu. And as they are climbing in it plays a video of Winter saying "This is Corporal Winter of the Colonial Marines. This video is proof of Weyland Yutani's corruption. They tried to kill my unit, all because of a dangerous experiment. If you are listening we are taking the war to Weyu." Then screen goes to black.


IF you have played what do you think is better? My ending or the original. Am open to criticism


What do you think of Aliens Colonial Marines


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