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The Lazarus Effect the first new horror/thriller movie that I've seen this year, and I have to say, it was good. But only good. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie. However because horror movies are my passion, this one seem a little predictable to me. I’ll try not to spoil the movies, so keep reading at your own risk. First off, I was very pleased with the acting, especially the performance done by Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino). His performance as Niko shined slightly about the others for me because he is generally known for his comedy, and most recently his music. While his character in the film was light hearted and made me chuckle here and there, he was different from the other characters Donald portrayed in the past. He was more serious and caring. This Donald Glover was different from the one we normally see doing stand-up comedy, or acting on Community. After his performance, I am an even bigger fan of Donald and I hope to see him play an even wider variety of characters in the future. (Maybe even a wise cracking web slinger.) Also I feel that Evan Peter had another great performance. I might be a little bias though because I've been a fan of his since American Horror Story: Murder me, he always seems to bring the right amount of emotion at attitude for the characters he plays. Plus, he’s just a cool dude. Olivia Wilde did not disappoint. She was able to pull of the creepy, possessed, undead lady vibe very well. Mark Duplass did well to, I just got super frustrated with how his character was it denial even when shit consistently hit the fan. He just couldn’t get it through his thick skull. Well, by the end, something got through it, so to speak. Sarah Bolger’s character, for me, didn't really get as much substance story wise as I though she should have considering how things played out. I just feel whatever credits she was getting for helping the others was not worth the outcome at all. Over all I enjoyed the movie, with the way it ended it looked like there could be another one after. If there is I just hope the scenes won’t be as predictable as this won. I would recommend this movie to friends and other movie lovers. I give it a solid 7.5/10 as a whole. Thanks for reading. I’ll have more reviews (hopefully with increasing quality) coming to you soon.


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