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I hope by now most people realize just how incredible Aquaman actually is. Aquaman Has always been the joke everyone loves to make, but no one realizes just how powerful he is. He could be the most powerful JLA member. I am going to take the powers we know of from his beginings all the way through the most recent stories. Aquaman is quite simply BAD ASS. Don’t believe me, let me break it down for you.

Let us start with the obvious, [Aquaman](movie:264237) controls not only the animals of the sea but the sea in general. Water makes up 71% of earth (this includes lakes and ponds). So if at any point Aquaman wanted to simply take out the earths land population He would not have a problem at all. More importantly, humans are made up of 50-65% water, so logistically Aquaman could easily kill anyone by extracting the percentage. When Aquaman had the HARPOON HAND OF DEATH all he had to do as touch you and he could dehydrate you, killing you in the process. This also means that if He didn’t want to simply destroy us, he could control the water stored in our bodies. Not to mention the moisture in our atmosphere in general

Water is deadlier than you think
Water is deadlier than you think

We all know that Aquaman has superhuman speed, strength, durability, eye sight, hearing, swimming etc but those are not worth speaking about for they are not the deciding factors as to why Aquaman is possibly the best and most powerful JLA member. The following two reasons on the other hand will sell my hypothesis to anyone.

At one point his mutation into the dweller of the Deep through a bargain with ancient sea gods gave him untold amounts of ancient magic. If you are thinking that Superman could beat Aquaman you would be sadly mistaken seeing as magic is one of Superman’s weaknesses. That’s right, the man who will throw a polar bear at bad guys could in fact whoop Superman’s ass if need be.

Aquaman also has access to “The Clear” and telepathy. He can utilize this by access the recesses of our brain that were once aquatic from our origins as sea creatures. If he wanted to and understood the science behind the human body, Aquaman could either destroy or control all human life.

To recap, Aquaman processes:

1. Full control of everything sea, past and present ( The parts of our brain still connected to our evolution from being sea creatures)

2. His gift from the sea Gods in the form of magic

3. His telepathy over sea creatures and land dwellers

Let’s not forget that he is an excellent warrior, fighter, soldier and all around aquatic beast. No matter if he is in the water where he can swim 150 knots (175 mph) or on land, Aquaman is easily one of if not the most powerful and bad ass characters that DC has created,

What do you think? Pure bad ass Or still a Chump? Sound off, and remember this is all in geekory fun so let's stay respectful in the comments and keep it awesome.


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