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Jake Gyllenhaal seems have no doubt in starring in unusual films such as Brokeback Mountain, Prisoner, and the enemy (ignore the price of Persia). This time he is back again with a film that is also unusual, Nightcrawler

Synopsis: Louis Bloom, a thief finally found a suitable job for him that is as a freelance journalist. Louis focuses on shooting of accidents, murders and other crimes that victimized. After getting the tape, Louis will sell it to the TV station and get some money. Louis does whatever it takes to obtain the desired news including harm to those around him.

Jake's acting was superb as usual. For this movie, Jake made his body became super thin body until his handsome face almost not visible anymore. Jake is able to portray Louis which from the outside looks nice and innocent but behind his personality, he is very dangerous.

We are presented with a suspenseful adventure Louis and coupled with action elements. The storyline is quite fast and intense. In this movie, we can see how behind the scenes actual TV news show that the rating is much more important than anything else.

Jake is a specialist in films that make us tense, think and certainly frowned. Again this is one of Jake's best performances. We can be made amazed by the ingenuity character in attitude and negotiate.

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