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Souk Khanhsila

Its a snowy Sunday, roads are iced, nothing to do but stay home. Only two choices, clean or be lazy. So I'm on my couch wading through netflix, everybody knows the deal, searching for something to watch on Netflix is an exercise in itself. There it goes again, the same poster. Two white guys on a couch wearing hazmat suits and drinking beer.

I've heard about Breaking Bad from countless sources proclaiming the show to be so great blah blah blah whatever and so fourth. Like a kid taking their first sip of beer just out of curiosity. Its bitter. I had to see what the deal was.

"First ones always free" said the dealer. First episode hit me harder then being slapped by my girlfriend for giving her crabs. Walter White in his tighty whities holding a gun. The rush of the rv swerving through the desert, Jesse's countless and very clever use of the word "bitch". It was the beginning of a rollor coaster ride of mixed emotions I wasn't prepared for. That was the derivation of "one more before bed". The one phrase that I would whisper to my self every night to folllow. I was consuming it at work, in traffic. Not a great idea I might add. There was nothing I could do, I needed my fix.

As the week went along and my perception of the two protagonist or antagonist, whichever you prefer start to descend to the point of just waiting for them to get caught or killed. A week has passed, its Sunday and I've just finished the final episode. Only thing left to do is take a step back look at the finished product as a whole.

Than i realize how different my next visit to the local Spanish fried chicken joint will be. Three piece, biscuit and an eightball please. Yes, I would love a side of shameless breaking bad reference and yes I know I'm late to the party thank you.


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