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The ending of the original Halloween was fantastic, it was so terrifying that a human being ( if you can call Michael human) could be shot six times fall off a balcony and walk away. The closing of the movie also left us wondering where Michael had gone to, would he be back? The horrifying possibilities were endless, but as we find out in the sequel Michael stalks his sister Laurie Strode in a hospital and ends up horribly burned by Dr. Loomis.

Michael Myers becoming a little overcooked...
Michael Myers becoming a little overcooked...

This often left me wondering what would have happened if Michael allowed himself to be caught? What if Michael decided to bide his time again? Would he have been able to catch Laurie and avoid becoming a toasted slasher? So here's my alternate ending to the original 1978 Halloween, one that could have led to a very different sequel.

HALLOWEEN 1978: Alternate Ending

Dr. Loomis has just saved Baby sitter Laurie Strode from certain death. Loomis fired six shots from his Smith & Wesson revolver straight into Michael Myers, and Michael drops off the balcony. Terrified and confused, Laurie comes to a horrifying realization.

Laurie: It WAS the boogeyman man.

Loomis: As a matter of fact, it was.

Dr.Loomis firing six shots into Michael.
Dr.Loomis firing six shots into Michael.

Loomis, without holstering his weapon, runs to look over the balcony. There is Michael on the ground, was he expecting something else? Knowing Michael the way he did, knowing the evil... Anything was possible. Loomis closes his eyes leans over the balcony and takes a breath allowing the cool night air to hit is face. Only one thing is on the tired doctor's mind Its over, its finally over, the evil is gone. Loomis opens his eyes ready to contact sheriff Brackett, when something catches his eye, there is movement from below.

Loomis: No! It can't be!

Loomis races past the frightened Laurie and down the dark stairway, Impossible, impossible! I shot him six times! Loomis bursts through the door and stops just inches away from the fallen Michael. Loomis stands with a mad glare in his eyes, over the still breathing Michael Myers! Dr.Loomis fumbles for his revolver, and aims it shaking at Michael. He pulls the trigger repeatedly, but he had already shot his last round on the balcony. He dives his hands into his pocket for more ammo, shouting at the top of his lungs.


Dr.Loomis is about ready to fire six more shots into Michael when Sheriff Brackett appears and grabs Loomis from behind. Brackett struggles to pull the gun out of Loomis's hands.

Sheriff Brackett: Damn it Loomis it's over! Put the gun away!

Loomis: No can't you see! The evil has survived!

Sheriff Brackett: Calm down Loomis! Your going to get someone killed!

Loomis: No! No! I shot him six times! In the heart six times!

Suddenly a scream is heard from above, its Laurie crying out in fear. The two men stop their struggling, and with out another word the Sheriff runs into the house and straight toward the cries.

Laurie has had enough.
Laurie has had enough.

On his way up the stairs Sheriff Brackett calls for back up on is radio. He stops at the sight of the woman balled up on the floor in tears, and reaches out a hand to her. She looks up at him, and Brackett takes a few steps back at the realization of who it is. Laurie's face drops into further sadness.

Sheriff Brackett: Laurie, oh Laurie. What happened?

Laurie: No... Oh no...

Laurie's expression and words are enough for the Sheriff to understand, but he still refuses to believe it. Brackett grabs on to the shoulders of Laurie, tears already forming in his eyes.

Sheriff Brackett: Laurie! Laurie wheres Annie! Laurie WHERE IS ANNIE!

Laurie simply shakes her head now unable to mutter a single word.

Sheriff Brackett: No! GOD NO!

The police and an ambulance later arrive at the Doyle house, Sheriff Brackett is taken across the street to the Wallace house to verify his daughters body, crying he calls out to Loomis.

Sheriff Brackett: They should have listened to you, WE should have believed you.

Loomis looks at the distraught Sheriff for only a second before turning away, feeling a sting of guilt in his stomach. Loomis has been standing over Michael since the Sheriff ran off, refusing to leave his sight. Michael lay still as the paramedics pulled off his mask and rushed him on a stretcher, just breathing, not moving, the devils eyes looking straight up into the dark sky. Then Laurie comes out, being carried away on a stretcher, she catches a quick glimpse at the man who tried to end her life and then the man who saved it. Laurie is put into an ambulance before she can even think of calling out to her saviour, Loomis rushes to the nearest officer and begins to plead.

Loomis: You must let me on that ambulance, I am his Doctor, he is my patient!

Officer: Look, haven't you done enough already? Go home get some rest, you look like a mess.

Loomis: You don't understand, Michael is dangerous, he is not a man! A man doesn't take six shots to the chest and live!

Officer: You have to be mistaken, and anyway we're going to have an officer ride along, we don't need you.

Loomis shakes his head in disbelief.

Loomis: You don't believe me, after everything, you don't believe me.

There is now pity on the officers face, brought on by the truly exhausted expression on Loomis's face.

Officer: Okay look, we're not letting anyone else on that ambulance, but I'll have someone give you ride to Haddonfield Memorial, hows that?

Dr. Loomis nods in agreement. Laurie is in the hospital, she's dazed, half because of weakness and half due to the drugs being administered. She turns her head to the right, and sees her attacker Michael Myers being rushed into the hospital. She looks up at the Doctor and nurses, and mutters a few words.

Laurie: Man, the man ,the one who saved... where is...

The point of view of Laurie looking up at the doctors dazed and confused.
The point of view of Laurie looking up at the doctors dazed and confused.

Laurie says no more and passes out on her stretcher. Dr.Loomis follows close by Michael, until the doctors tell him he cant go any further, he says only one thing in response.

Loomis: You shouldn't be saving him.

Loomis is left standing there alone in the quiet hospital hallway. Hours later a doctor approaches Loomis, there are spots of blood on his clothes, and he's wearing an expression of the deepest confoundment. He explains that he removed all six bullets from Michael's chest, but none had pierced his heart, however he did loose a severe amount of blood.

Doctor: For all intents and purposes, Michael Myers should have died. So Dr.Sam Loomis can you tell me how he survived?

Loomis: You wouldn't believe me, even if I did.

The doctor gives a little sigh and places a hand on Loomis's shoulder.

Doctor: I had a feeling you'd say that.

A nurse walks into the hall and approaches Loomis.

Nurse: Sir, Laurie Strode just woke up, she's asking for the man who saved her, and I've been told by the officer outside that thats you.

Laurie strode lay awake in her quiet hospital room, to tired to cry, only wanting to see the man who rescued her. Loomis knocked twice then entered the room. Laurie excitedly raises her head, Loomis looks at her, but then quickly looks away at the ground.

Laurie: You said he was the boogeyman, what is the boogeyman?

Loomis: Michael Myers is pure evil.

Laurie's eyes widen.

Laurie: Michael Myers, Michael Myers did this?

Loomis: Yes.

Laurie bursts into tears again.


Loomis: Evil has no motive, it simply seeks to destroy all that is good... and pure.

Laurie: Is he alive?

Loomis: Yes.

Laurie: no... oh no... I have to get out of here!

Loomis rushes to Laurie's side.

Loomis: oh no, no, no. You must not worry, I wont let the evil get near you, or anyone else again.

Loomis gives Laurie a reassuring squeeze on the hand, she relaxes, she can't quite understand why, and then Loomis takes his leave.

Laurie feeling a bit more relaxed.
Laurie feeling a bit more relaxed.

A couple of days have passed and Loomis once again finds himself, like so many year before, in front of the Hospital board ( when I say once again I am referring to the extra scene made for the Television broadcasts of Halloween) pleading for Michael to be placed in maximum security.

There is the scene above, in case you haven't seen it.

Loomis: Damn you fools! Cant you see! He'll come back he'll come back to Haddonfield! I have been here, years before, in this very situation. They didn't heed my warning then, and look what it got them! And I guarantee if you don't heed it now, more blood will be spilled in Haddonfield!

Board member 1: Michael will be placed under careful surveillance, and besides with the trial coming up he'll most likely spend the rest of his years in a prison cell.

Loomis: Michael is evil incarnate! No cell will hold him! He escaped and savagely killed teenagers! He has no motive because he is not a man, he seeks to murder to destroy anyone, because he is purely and simply EVIL!

Board member 2: Thats where your wrong Loomis, Michael isn't blindly killing because he's the devil or something. Michael Myers does indeed have a motive.

Loomis: What?

Board Member 2: The truth is the girl Michael attacked that night, Laurie Strode I believe, is Michael Myers biological sister.

The shock on Loomis's face when learning the truth.
The shock on Loomis's face when learning the truth.

Loomis stands there, mouth hanging open in shock. Loomis closes his eyes and gulps, then puts on his hat and begins to leave.

Board member 1: Dr.Loomis where are you going!

Loomis simply walks away, knowing now who he must protect.

Loomis leaves knowing what he must do.
Loomis leaves knowing what he must do.

We now cut back to a scene from the past, we see a young Michael Myers stare out a window,

Then we hear Dr.Loomis's voice.

Loomis: You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me.

Cue the Halloween theme song, cut to black. THE END.

So thats it, my alternate ending to one of the greatest horror films of all time. That last scene with Young Michael looking out the window emphasizes the fact that Michael Myers is once again simply biding his time, waiting for the right chance to stalk his sister once again. I think this ending could have led to an interesting sequel, one where we see some sort of a bond form between Laurie and Dr.Loomis. Either way the way Halloween ended is truly terrific, and I for one wouldn't haven't any other way. Still let me know what you think in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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