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+Disney Princess VS Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are brutally awesome as they are awesomely GROSS! And Disney is ..."The Wonderful World Of Disney". But what if that wonderful became ZOMBIEWORRRRLLLDDD! Then please A.S.A.P. buy me a two-day park pass PLEASEEEE and make sure you get me A FASTPASS to it ALL! I would love such a Dapper Day...there should be ZOMBIE DAY!!!! A girl can only dream! Yes I realize Disneyland/Disneyworld/Disney Everything is...well... for kids but it's for big kids too >>>¯\_(ツ)_/¯>>> SOOOO.... if I were to have it my way.... this would be my list of Disney Princess/Female Characters who I'd believe would survive or be zombie food.

Zombie Food

Snow White And Aurora: The sleeping can't sleep like these gals in zombieworld ! You will DIE AND BE EATEN!

Anna: Her sister Elsa has barely more of a chance to survive over her. Anna is too sweet and she would try to make zombies friends.


Elsa: She MAY get by using her frozen sorcery on zombies as a weapon...BUT SHE can't freeze THEM...according to Resident Evil: Retribution those bad boys CAN'T FREEZE! I don't think they'll "Let Her Go" if they catch her.

Princess Jasmine: One of my favorite Disney Princesses....HOWEVER...she has no...NO...survival techniques...and if Aladdin, Carpet, or Genie aren't available to help her...WELP...bye bye Jassy.

Lani and Lilo : Lani is a very capable gal but little Lilo STAYS IN TROUBLE!!! In the Zombieworld curiosity not only kills the cat but children and adults. With Lani always having to keep an eye on Lilo...its zombie food for the both of them. DAMN YOU LILO!


Tiana: Not only is she my favorite Disney Princess, but she is quite the heroine. She a realist but also optimistic, she has great leadership skills, and she is a determined gal. She also beat the undead once, she could very well do it again and again.

Mulan: This gal is A NATURAL BORN SOLDIER. She breaks unnecessary traditions which means that she can break out of shock of all the new (zombie eating world) changes in the new zombieworld. She has defeated and conquered countless battles. I know she would make a perfect leader and survivor.

Alice: This BISH is one MAD chick , she would be PERFECT in the crazy world of Zombieland and chopping off heads should not be new, she did slay the Jabberwocky !

Ariel : She is a curious gal, BUT she finds things easily, you know how HARD IT IS TO FIND TREASURE IN A VAST OCEAN?! This skill can come in handy for supplies and food. Plus she got rid of Queen Ursula and a few other BAD SEEDS, she has this in the bag!

Merida: She is BRAVE! She has perfect target aim and knows how to use weapons, she has great stealth and stamina. She is perfect for surviving in the zombieworld.

Pocahontas: She has agility, speed, and knows her way through any forest...NUFF SAID :) Ok one last thing...I am sure John Smith taught her a thing are two about how to use guns like a true English Settler -____-

Tinkerbell: SHE CAN FLY and she has PIXIE DUST, BRAH I AM SO TEAMING UP WITH TINK in an apocalypse aka zombieworld. No zombie can get to TINK!

Thanks so much for reading + Best Wishes + Happy Zombie Day

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