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Now I've seen some cool cosplay outfits in my time but nothing quite like these ones. After spending hours trawling through the internet's darkest and dankest dudgeons, I emerged with 50 truly terrifying masterpieces.

Featuring Zombies, Clickers, and all the creepy stuff in between, this exhibition of undoubted talent and creativity will leave you sleepless for weeks to come. You've been warned.

Scroll down for 50 of the most horrifying cosplays ever created.

1. A 'Clicker' from The Last of Us by Emma Franks

2. 'Judge Death' by Peter Olsson (Head Hunter Store)

3. Masquerade Skin Mask by Sandra Holmborn

4. 'Crimson Head' from Resident Evil by Sh3ikha

5. A 'Splitter' from Left for Dead by AriannaCosplay

6. A 'Sugarplum Fairy' from Cabin in the Woods by MissPyramidHead4

7. 'Pyramid Head' and a scary nurse from Silent Hill by Ashgroovy

8. 'Zipperface' by YouHadMeAtBacon

9. 'Super Mario Zombies' by Terminal01

10. 'Alice Madness' by enjinight

11. 'Tokyo Ghoul' by Touka Cosplay

12. 'Horror/Gore Cosplay' by Feya Phantom

13. 'Zombie Cinderella' by Matthew Chan

14. 'Zombie Tinkerbell' by creepykingdom

15. 'Murder in the Bathroom' by Witchiku

16. 'Am I Really Beautiful?' by ero-de

17. 'The Ring' by thennewsaw

18. 'Asylum Zombie 4' by Jacquienabox

19. 'Zombie Sadako' by Feya Phantom

20. 'Witch Please' by Ragemoreroberts

21. 'Medusa' by Pet Shop of Horrors

22. 'White Walker' by Rex Rothwell

23. 'Kuon Sakuya' by Jiaanxu

24. 'CarnEvil Doll' by Matthew Chan

25. 'Scarecrow' by BatmanCosplay

26. 'Pinhead' by Legendary Suffering

27. 'The Keeper' from The Evil Within by PancakeRemix

28. 'Bloody Zombie' by Zombi3-Sokrat3s

29. 'Entirely Mad' by Zombiegirl6

30. 'Silent Hill Nurse' by Corrie Farmer

31. 'Freddy and Jason' by Voorhees1

32. 'Splitter' by Allthatsepic

33. Predator by Allthatsepic

34. 'Witch' by JustMoolti

35. 'Pyramid Head' by Beethy

36. 'FreakyFace' by Unknown

37. 'Predator 2' by Allthatsepic

38. 'BigBoy' by Geekexchange

39. 'Saw' by Alo-Darling

40. 'Halloween' by Openingup

41. 'Creepy Art' by Londonrook

42. 'The Jackal' by Tony Shaloub

43. 'Owl Cosplay' by H.P. Lovecraft

44. 'King of the Zombie' by Josef Rarach

45. 'Up the stairs' by Shinka

46. 'Faceless' by Paul Jones

47. 'Neck Wound' by Freakmo SFX

48. 'Zombie' by NimbaCreations

49. 'Sea Monster' by Kinzi Welsby

50. 'Jason Voorhees' by Victoria

Which was your favorite? (Let me know in the comments!)


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