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Look, we all have problems, right? For instance, I'm having a really off hair day today. Nobody's perfect! Even some of the world's most feared beasts and monsters are fallible. The next time you think about vilifying that scary monster that lives under your bed, or the beastie that scratches on your window at night, maybe imagine living a day in their shoes.

The awesome artist and t-shirt designer Teo Zirinis has an ongoing series titled 'Monster Problems' that outlines the problems that these mythological creatures face. In real life these guys would be pretty terrifying, but Zirinis finds a way to make them pretty sympathetic and adorable.


Yeah, there's no way I could get "Cthulhu" on the first try.


When it gets unfunny that your friend turns into a werewolf whenever you moon them, that's when you stop mooning them.


Well, maybe they would if you looked less blurry in photographs? Just some constructive criticism.


I hate to break it to you, Yeti, but I also don't think they make skis in your size.


You guys heard the man. Dracula is also against Batfleck!


Don't worry, Troll. Sometimes the Internet hates me, too!

Frankenstein's Monster

Is there a support group for reanimated creatures? Probably not.

The Loch Ness Monster

I end up untagging myself in about 60% of my Facebook photos, so I can empathize with this.


To be fair, I don't think anyone wants to cut your hair anyway. Keep it natural!

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Maybe it's the slippery, webbed hands.


It's not your fault if people break into your tomb. You even put up signs explicitly stating what would happen. What else can you do, Mummy?

Mr. Hyde

You and me both, Mr. Hyde. Although I don't have a personality splitting serum to blame...

The Invisible Man

Sadly, that kind of comes with the territory of being invisible.


Just stay away from people, forests, cattle, all structures...and well, everything I guess.


They don't necessarily suck on their own, but you do kind of need two eyes to enjoy the 3D-ness of it all.


As a fan of classical architecture, Godzilla is just trying to rid the world of these giant architectural eyesores.


Being trapped in the middle of a labyrinth will do that to a person.


Poor Kraken just wants to spread the love! Is it his (her?) fault that our manmade ships can't handle their affections?


Wow, that's actually pretty sad, man...

King Kong

Trust me, Kong, I live in L.A. and this is a far more common problem than you'd think.


I have enough trouble feeding my one mouth, I couldn't imagine Hydra's pain.

There we have it. See? Even the fiercest of foe face their own sets of issues. To see more of Teo Zirinis' fantastic artwork, check out his website or Facebook pages.


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