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Karly Rayner

The playful and flamboyant nature of cosplay makes it the perfect arena to bring our favorite genderbent Disney cartoons to life, and these guys have all totally let it bro to devastating effect!

Enjoy the sex-swapped princess cosplay realness below and let me know your favorite in the comments:


Image: Juny the Pooh

You can still have a dinglehopper and be an adorable Ariel!


Image: Nipahdubs

This guy is a spitting image of the fun-loving Anna


Image: Disney Gender Bender

Paint with all the colors of the gym.


Image: Keruuu

This magnificent male Maleficent is bringing the evil queen realness


Image: Squishlemon

Who knew a goatee would suit the flame-haired Merida so perfectly!

Cruella De Vil

Image: Haku Cosplay

As long as the that coat's not real puppy, I'm totally down with this!


Image: Lazyeight

This Esmerelda is possibly even more glam that the Disney counterpart

Snow White

Image: Ijoegonzalesv

Masculine tailoring meets classic princess.


Image: Keruuu

Because everyone loves Bro-zen!


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