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Skeletons creep me out. Mostly because bones creep me out. They're the inner-most part of our bodies... they hold us together and generally shape us. The thing is, some of our bones are very sturdy while others can be broken without even much force. Skeletons remind me of death too, as that's what remains of our bodies after the rest of our flesh deteriorates.

With all of that being said, I hope I didn't damper your mood because here is some Disney fan art, with a couple of your favorite characters in skeleton form. These were done by Alejandro Giraldo, a sick fan/artist.

We have Mickey of course...

It seems like if he eats that ice cream there's nowhere for it to really go. What with him not having any kind of organs whatsoever.

And here's a closer look. This is what Mickey is going to look like when he's buried below Disneyland... or will they bury him at Disney World?

Donald Duck has quacked for the last time

Poor guy... not only is he apparently dead, but he's going to explode soon, from the looks of him carrying that dynamite. Eek!


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