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Mass effect is about a RPG action hero of your choice. Commander Shepard encounters a prothean beacon, a now extinct alien civilization, and starts getting visions of just utter chaos, like really graphic stuff, definitely PG-13. Shepard learns that these visions signify the coming of the reapers and that's not an awesome death metal band but a sentient robot fleet the size of space ships that are extremely hard to kill, except by Shepard who kills three. Shepard has to get all of the alien races together to fight this threat that may cause the extinction of all life in the universe.

The [Mass Effect](movie:589200) Trilogy are three of my all time favorite games. I felt like each one built up and bettered the experience of the previous one. There were obviously a few problems like the fact that they put loading screens in the ship so going to a new location took FOREVER and that instead of overheating they added clips which were kind of annoying to me, I liked not worrying about how many clips I had and just shooting stuff. Also there was the whole different kinds of ammo thing that they took out which was disappointing.

Anyway though I'm here to talk about the endings. The endings were confusing and a lot of people didn't like them. I completely understand that, plus you had to play multiplayer just to get all the endings before the patch and while their multiplayer is awesome a lot of people aren't going to want to do that or back when you needed a code a lot of players couldn't do that. If I was at the helm of the game I think I'd make it a little different, and by a little I mean completely different. I'm not going to bother with a "what we had" section because I'll be here forever explaining the different endings instead I'll just tell you my ideas.

Bad Ending: Destroy

You're unable to overcome the flaw in the human design which is to destroy what we don't understand. You choose to destroy the reapers; you destroy their battery core and like machines usually do in these situations they automatically self destruct. The self destruction kills at least half of the fleet in your intergalactic army. The self destruction also sends out an EMP that destroys almost all electric systems in the universe which means the mass relays are shut off stranding almost all alien life in our solar system, and all ships systems are shut down finding just enough power to crash land on Earth. The EMP knocks Earth back to the dark ages since the reapers are billions of years old and all electricity and technological advances are in fact made from humans making sense of reaper information that you just destroyed.

Resources dwindle quickly as nearly all life in the Universe are now forced to reside on one solitary planet. War breaks out and now the extinction of all life is coming at the hands of it's inhabitants. The Krogan who are made for war are the only ones who survive whether you chose to cure them or not will decide whether they repopulate or eventually die out too. Good luck sleeping at night.

Neutral Ending 1: Walk Away

You decide it's not your choice to make for the fate of all life, or you just decide that all the choices are complete bullshit so you walk away. The war continues between the reapers and the Universe's fleet, it takes years of fighting but eventually you manage to kill all the reapers. Nearly all of the Universe's resources are spent but they all manage to go back home. It takes over a century of rebuilding and repopulating to finally get back to where life can be even close to normal. Two more centuries later and war breaks out against different alien races as those who could have taught them peace and of the sacrifices that had to be made to survive the war were all killed and only the strong, war minded survived. The universe is back to where it was before the citadel and the council, a collection of broken alien life all at war with each other.

Neutral Ending 2: Control

You decide to take control of the Reapers and make them go back into hibernation. The war is won. You can go home. Eventually the Reapers will wake up again and come to kill all life but you choose to prepare. Each alien life gets it's own downed reaper tech to study and prepare in it's own way for their eventual return. Centuries later and the reapers become a ghost story children tell at late nights during sleepovers. No one alive remembers the reapers or are worried about them returning fine with living in their own ignorance, just like the council was when you first warned them of the reapers return.

The tales of your heroism become nothing more than a folk tale.

  • Rachni Queen spared Krogan Cured: Universe at war with Krogan
  • Rachni Queen killed Krogan Cured: Never ending war between Krogan and Rachni
  • Rachni Queen killed Krogan diseased: Universe at war with Rachni
  • Rachni Queen spared Krogan diseased: Peace until reaper return.

Good Ending: Synthetic Control

As much as you hate to admit it your enemy the Illusive Man was right, although his methods were wrong. The only true way to save all mankind is to take control of the Reapers. The reapers are billions of years old and the information they possess is way too important to destroy. You go into the stream and your body is ripped apart, you go through the worst pain imaginable but all in the blink of an eye. Your consciousness is completely digitized and loaded into the reapers, as your mind melds and consumes theirs. Suddenly you're every where at once controlling all of the reapers and billions of years worth of information is loaded into your mind.

You deactivate most of the reaper's weaponry and explain to all life how you're now in control. You're loved ones are sad to see you go but they know that you're doing work that only you can. The War is over and all races go back to their homes while you send some of yourself with each of them. It takes time for everyone to learn to accept you but they eventually do after you remake your reaper bodies so they're not giant space death squids but hot AI bodies like EDI but with laser death eyes. The universe enters into it's longest time of peace, rebuilding and rebirth ever as you use the information you have to help each race evolve their technology and prosper extremely better than they ever could have alone. Power struggles are quickly quelled as you become something of a Universal police force working hand in hand with the council. You fear that you may one day become dictatorial so you pull back and watch over each planet while allowing them to police themselves only concerning yourself with planetary safety and interplanetary issues. You live out the rest of existence content that all races are safe and happy but somewhere deep inside you're still a little ticked off that the Illusive Man was right, egotistical douchebag.

President Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen) was right the whole time. I think destroying the reapers was an odd way to go anyway I mean think of all the information they probably contain. I wanted to go far out the box with each ending because sometimes what we think is the right choice for so long turns out to be wrong and even though we should go with the good guys and destroy it, maybe that's not the right way to go. Sometimes the good guys have the wrong idea as well and things are a bit grayer than they seem. What choice would you guys pick?


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