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English author! British naval officer! Creator of James Bond! These proper nouns are enough to identify the most successful novelist in the world, i.e. Ian Fleming. For him, a life without adventure is a dull life. And his love for adventure, gambling and fast cars can be found in his James Bond novels.

Born into an influential rich British family, Fleming worked with the British naval intelligence before settling down as a suspense-fiction writer. Casino Royale (1953), his first Bond novel, was packed with international espionage, clever spy gadgets, spying and intrigue. This book became the international best seller because of the Bond character created by Fleming. He was a passionate gambler and fan of baccarat and poker games. Ian’s Bond character became a symbol of the burgeoning consumer age. James Bond movies continued in the 21st century and inspired people to indulge in only the best brand-name products and enjoy access to advanced electronic gadgets of their time.

After his wartime service, Fleming spent the rest of his life writing novels and short stories. When the Bond character was gaining popularity and reached new heights of success in the entertainment industry, Fleming was not well. He died at the age of 56 on August 12, 1964.


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