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Breanna Gottschalk

This is a constant phrase I keep hearing, reading....and it seems to be a focus right now. The ever-growing speculation that Daryl Dixon's time on The Walking Dead is growing short is exploding and this still seems to be the "catch-phrase."

I'm speaking out against this.

As a fellow raving "fan-girl", trust me, I see the sex that Reedus exudes on each episode, regardless of how much he appears. Daryl Dixon has become a staple of the show...almost as necessary as Rick Grimes. Would I like to see the show lose Daryl....OF COURSE NOT!!!!! Would it is cause a crazy amount of shock and awe....OF COURSE!!!! We have to keep in mind that Daryl was only supposed to be a "guest" role. Being that he is non-existent in the graphic novels, I think the man has fared well....but would I really stop watching the show simply because there is not a Daryl Dixon???? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

[The Walking Dead](series:201193) is one of the greatest shows on television right now, and it got this way based on, not only the wicked-awesome comic skills of Robert Kirkman and his crew, but on the writing skills, set skills, make up skills, acting skills, etc of the entire cast and crew. The fact that we have grown to love these characters SO much is proof that this is a show of quality. We see "boring" episodes, as some crazy people would call it, which develop the story to a point that we can't stand to lose any of the existing one point in time....they will die.

All I'm please stop saying you will stop watching simply because Daryl may not be there....because that is to see the bastard who killed him avenged (because you know it won't be a walker that takes him down) and keep watching the group survive....

If you ask's Glenn that should be worried.......


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