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What's up Ladies and Gents? It's been a while since I wrote about my beloved Vampire Academy, but the folks here at Moviepilot are running a pretty cool competition at the moment to win an Xbox or PS4, and all you have to do is write an alternate ending to a movie!

Easy as pie, right!?

If you're lucky enough to live in the states, then you have a shot at this cool competition and should definitely enter, because's a free console, why would you not?

Unfortunately, I'm across the pond in the UK, so whilst I can't technically enter, I'm using it as an excuse to re-mould 2014's disaster flop "Vampire Academy" into something a little better than it actually was, so stay tuned to see the 2014 comedy reimagined from my imagination!

There's never an excuse NOT to have Thor pop up!
There's never an excuse NOT to have Thor pop up!

So, first things first, let's be clear here - we're talking about the MOVIE, not the BOOKS. Obviously, I have no desire to change anything in the perfectly written books, but the movie desperately NEEDS to be shaken up.

Oh, obviously SPOILERS ahead - for both the movie and pretty much the entire series of books so steer clear if you don't want to ruin the books for yourself, as I will be shifting certain plot points up.

Ok, so the movie ended with Natalie dying - at the hands of Dimitri and his beautiful Russian God killer Dhamphir moves - her father being arrested essentially, Rose and Dimitri agreeing that they can't have a relationship because it's innappropiate, and Sonya Karp on level 10 creep status in a cave full of Strigoi.

HOWEVER, that to me, all sounds a little too nice, so I vote for a little less happy ending, and a little more badass-death-destruction-sadness-destroying of ships etc that the series is known for.

So, we go back to this moment here,

Ah, The Equinox Dance. What a fun filled fest this was. So after Lissa, Rose and Natalie arrive at the dance, Rose goes all good samaritan spinning Lissa into bad boy fire user Christian's arms, and getting Natalie a dance with Ralf/Ray. Shortly after, scrappy little mean girl Mia, comes over and sprouts some of the most unintellegible crap to ever come from a character, which results in Rose punching the Vampire, right in her annoying little punchable face.

"Everyone saw that I tried to take the high road there...sort of?" Rose says, and shortly after she's pulled out by two teachers, BUT what if she wasn't immediately pulled out by teachers and seperated from Lissa resulting in Lissa's almost immediate kidnapping?

I'd like to think that best friend Lissa didn't walk off the second Mia came, and actually stuck by her bezzie mate, so that after Rose rips Mia a new one, Lissa steers her off and out of the dance before any teachers get to her. You know, to save good old Rose from getting in trouble.

Lissa: "Rose, you can't just go on hitting anyone that annoys you, it's not right."
Rose: *rolls eyes* "Oh purleasee, the little brat had it coming."

They have a conversation similiar to the one above and re-convene in their dorm room. BUT WAIT.

Seems like someone's already in there....

Yup. Natalie.

Just like in the film, Natalie takes her first victim - draining Ray/Ralf of all blood in order to become a Strigoi. She may also have had sex with him. I don't know, it's not really an important detail. Either way, Rose and Lissa are now faced with a problem - they're now in a room with a newly created Strigoi - and with no actual weapons allowed to be given to Novices, these girls are going to have to win this fight on their own.

So, Natalie stalks over to them, all quiet, menancing and bloodthirsty, and Rose pushes a frightened Lissa behind her, looking around the room for the nearest weapon - I'm not going to make this easy on her, so she doesn't find one at all, Natalie gets closer and closer - going on a slight rant about all the horrible ways in which she's going to kill Rose and hand Lissa over to Daddy Dashkov, and makes a lunge for Rose.

But duh, Rose is a badass, so pulls out some killer novice training moves and manages to knock Natalie to the ground. Lissa squeals, because...well Lissa, when suddenly, the door bursts open and in comes friendzoned cutie - Mason!

I feel for you bro.
I feel for you bro.

Naturally he wants to do anything he can to protect Rose, and as Natalie gets up, he shoves them both out of the room and tells them to run. Rose obviously protests, until she realises "they come first" and so runs off with Lissa to ensure her protection, before vowing to come back for Mason.

Mason does his best to fight off Strigoi Natalie - but girl is angry and has vengeance on her brain. She is after all a Strigoi too, so with her powerful reflexes and extreme strength, she snaps Mason's neck aaaand he dies.

Sorry folks.

On the other side of the spectrum, Rose and Lissa are running through the halls of St Vladimir's when they run into Russian God, Dimitri - who low and behold has been looking for them, because...well, Rose you punched a fellow student in the face and then ran off, there are repercussions to that love.

HOWEVER in the spirit of keeping things sexy, that Lust Charm that we all love so much that Daddy Dashkov put on Rose' necklace? Yeah, that's still in effect. So the second the girls run into Dimitri - and I mean literally run into Dimitri, Rose grabs him to tell him to protect Lissa and that she needs to go back and get Mason, but of course the second she touches him,

This gif is really distracting me #OTS
#OTS" title="This gif is really distracting me ">
This gif is really distracting me

Whilst they don't do it in the damn corridor, there is an instant sizzle, enough to make them completely forget about Lissa, and head into one of the free rooms in the corridor. That of course leaves Lissa alone - and Lissa being Lissa, i.e mostly useless and annoyingly frustrating until much later on in the series, she decides to run and hide - not sure why Rose has deserted her blah blah blah.

It is HERE that she is kidnapped by Daddy Dashkov's minions, and unfortunately Christian - who had been looking for her the whole time - sees this, tries to stop it, and ends up getting knocked out completely, because he couldn't muster up enough fire magic to take them all on at once.

*sigh* you had one job, mate.

Anyway, so Lissa gets kidnapped and tortured into healing Daddy Dashkov, which she refuses to do again and again, until eventually she does. He decides he wants to move her to a more secure facility because her healing isn't going to last forever, duh, he's going to need a top-up every now and again.

As Daddy Dashkov is moving Lissa, a slightly dishevelled Natalie appears at the door. But something's up. Though her body is standing and her eyes are open, they are devoid of any "life" ( well as much as a Strigoi can have) or emotion, and before anyone can do anything, we hear a sharp "Swipe" as the silver stake is pulled from her back, her body slumps to the ground, and Russian God Dimitri, "death in a cowboy duster", steps around the door frame with Rose - stake in hand, ready to save the princess.


Sidenote: My Rose and Dimitri ship has never been bigger than in this moment.

So, Rose and Dimtri go full badass/Russian God, and manage to kill every single one of Daddy Dashkov's minions, including Daddy Dashkov.

HOWEVER (I promise this is nearly over now), trouble ensues, when the attack on the Academy that happens at the beginning of Frostbite, actually begins to happen RIGHT.FREAKING.NOW.

Rose and Dimitri, do all they can to protect Lissa, fighting off Strigoi left and centre - Rose suffers quite a few scrapes and bruises - she's not as skilled as she will be later in the series, but with Dimitri by her side, they're making it through. (No Buria here, sorry folks) Lissa wields a little spirit - not much, after healing Daddy Dashkov she doesn't have a lot left, and manages to slow down a few Strigoi with some basic fire magic, giving Rose the chance to stake 'em.

Suddenly, the remaining few Strigoi who are left, spontaneously burst into very angry flames - enough that Rose, Dimitri and Lissa have to actually step back - and the Strigoi fall to the ground, screaming and writhing in pain. They all know Lissa doesn't have the strength to back that kinda power, until Christian emerges from the trees, his hand outstretched as he wields the most amount of Fire magic he probably ever will in his entire life.

You go Christian!
You go Christian!

Of course...happy endings would be sooooo boring right? And that's when Strigoi Sonya Karp appears. She wastes no time in telling Lissa how easier it would be if she were a Strigoi - as a weak Lissa, and now Christian are huddled together on the floor - as she lunges for the Princess, Dimitri goes to kill her - but so does Rose - and they end up faltering, resulting in Sonya Karp biting and almost killing, them both.

But a bite from a Strigoi doesn't necessarily always mean death...there are many things the Strigoi do with their victims, and killing Rose and Dimitri isn't one of them.

Turning them however...that is.

Rose and Dimitri are turned into Strigoi by Sonya Karp on a whim, with no agreement in the movie in place - there'll be no hunting down and killing of the other - no, Rose and Dimitri live out their almsot immortal lives as two of the greatest, oldest and strongest Strigoi to ever walk the face of the earth.

With their killer fighting skills, and now the speed and strength to back it up, Rose & Dimitri are easily the most hard-to-kill Strigoi ever. Legends are written about them, St Vladimir's Academy teaches its new pupils all about them, and all the while Rose and Dimitri continue to lurk in the deepest, darkest corners of the world, their reputation preceeding them, living out their lives as Strigoi.

The End!!


What did you think of this CRAZY alternate ending to the movie?


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