ByMark Papadakis, writer at
Mark Papadakis

If you like fantasy, you are almost certainly drawn to the incredible world of Middle Earth, crafted by the master story teller, J.R.Tolkien. Middle earth is populated by hobbits, Elves, wizards, orcs, men, beasts, and many other odd creatures, some good, other evil, but all of them interesting, with their own history and purpose. in the world.

For master Tolkien cared for details and backstories and relationships, for consequence and reason. Did I mention that he invented two fully formed languages, spoken by Elves and other creatures? Or that he has cared all characters, for the fathers, and brothers, and their fathers, and their sisters, and so on, so forth, almost all the way down to the formation of that world?

Mr. Jackson did justice to Tolkien's work. For the most part, and because he did such an overall incredible job with the lore, we should forgive him for introducing his own interpretation manifestations here and there. He meant well.


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