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Chihiro takes one last glance into the cave. Akio, Chihiro's father opens the car open slightly.

Akio: Are you coming?

She gasps seeing Haku exit the tunnel. She runs up and embraces him in a hug.

Haku smiles warmly: Is this you're family?

She nods: Yes. How did you get out.

Haku: I wanted to see you. You know you could all come back. Things have gotten better.

Chihiro clamps her hands together : I don't know. Things are simple here now that I think about it. Maybe one day I'll return.

Haku: Just from looking around this feels so simple.

Chihiro: Why don't you come with me? We can see new places together.

Haku: I suppose I owe you that much.

Chihiro: You don't have to think like that. I just...I just want to be with you. Things don't seem so scary in groups. So I'll have you.

Haku( tearing up): Chihiro, I'm sorry that you had to feel scared. I shouldn't had been so careless to let you go. Even if my spirit is away from yours will always be connected now, by this place. And we can walk together. You know even I have had fearful moments but you helped me become brave. Thank you Chihiro.

Akio getting out of the car: Who are you?

Haku: I'm a friend of your daughter's sir.

Akio: Did you come from that tunnel? Are you lost?

Haku shakes his head: No. I'm quite all right. Would it be all right if I came with you.

Akio: I don't see why not.

They got in the car and start driving.

Chihiro: Did you really mean what you said, about our spirits.

Haku nods: Yes. Perhaps now you're going to have to protect me as well. I'm unfamiliar with this world. I don't think I can change here. I don't feel like I can. But as long as I have you I don't think I need to.

Chihiro smiles: Ok, I'll be here for you.

Haku leans in: I...I love you Chihiro.

The cars stops abruptly.

Haku: Did I say something wrong?

Akio: Were home.

The parents leave the car and Chihiro holds onto Haku's hands.

Chihiro smiles: I love you too.

She gives him a quick kiss and the credits roll.


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