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It was one of the most exciting days I've had! I literally got to fly out to L.A. to meet the Moviepilot staff and see the office where all the magic happens. The magic didn't end there, you guys! I also got to walk the red carpet for and meet the stars of Hot Tub Time Machine 2! Then to top it all off, everyone's favorite cosmic hero Star-Lord gave me a high five! I'm sure you're wondering how this all happened... so let me go a little bit back in time. It's last summer and I'm doing my YouTube channel. Just starting it out when I get an email about joining a site called, I had seen a bit of them on Facebook and what not but never fully dived into the site itself. Then I decide to give it a chance and join to write some articles. That then leads to this trip to L.A. five months later but I'll give you the full story in my latest video, so check it out! I was going to write an article on it but I decided that I would be able to tell the story a bit better on video!

It was crazy good time and I wouldn't have thought that when I started writing for Moviepilot that I would have had an opportunity like this. I'm incredibly honored to have been chosen for this and want to thank the whole staff for making me feel welcomed. The bragging was real when I got home and all my friends saw the amazing video that they put together of the whole event.

If you're just starting out with the site, I encourage you to keep going with it because you never know what awesome opportunity might come along through This was truly something that has motivated me more and more to keep pushing out awesome articles that people can enjoy. If you haven't become a creator yet, go do so and start writing about what you love in pop culture!



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