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Avengers Age Of Ultron is only two months away and if the hype was already huge today it just went into turbo mode. If you dont know by now there is a new trailer you have to go see to believe. I will post it below so take a grand look at it and catch your breath i might suggest.

I know amazing right and you're wondering what did i just see! I decided to breakdown the big things we saw. I'm going to go down till i name the number one still i think was the best and I'm sure you know what that is so lets get it started!

The Bruce and Natasha romance is very heavy in this new trailer im happy to see them together. I know a lot of people have a gripe with romance playing a role in the Avengers the fact of the matter is they are both human. I think its absolutely brilliant to show this side of the heroes it helps us connect a lot with them I have a feeling this relationship will be the driven force behind the Hulkbuster and Hulk fight we will have to wait and see.

The trinity of the team Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor facing down Ultron and the twins! I can definitely see why Whedon said this movie would be western like. This is just a classic showdown that im sure will be jam packed with action and look at the size of Ultron!

We all knew that the team was going to be way different after facing Ultron i mean the next movie is Civil War. The question was what would cause them to be so broken and torn apart. That might have been answered in the trailer when we see Scarlet Witch working her magic on Black Widow. I'm sure that shes not the only one that gets this treatment. Ultron's line "im gonna tear you apart from the inside" is definitely on the point with what Scarlet Witch is sure to do to our heroes.

Quicksilver not to be outdone by his sister seems to have brought the great Captain America to his knees as well. These twins alongside Ultron seem to make an unstoppable force. The real question we have to ask ourselves now is what causes the twins to join Ultron?

This face down between Ultron and Captain America just has me thinking one thing. Ultron is huge! I mean look at him hes a freaking monster and then there's other clones of him. This scene has Captain lunging his shield towards Ultron and it looks like it doesn't do much damage. I'm thinking Vibranium?

Tony oh Tony what are you going to do with that? I hope its not going toward Ultron because then he would be truly unstoppable. I have always theorized Ultron will be in possession of the power from the scepter allowing him to control Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. This could be the beginning of Tony's mistakes that will cost him dearly.

This scene was just the icing on the cake for me really. James Spader delivers another beautiful monologue that is epic. Then we see Ultron just unplug giving true meaning to no more strings attached to him. I cannot wait to see this unfold in the movie is it May already?

You know it was coming i mean of course this would top the list! Its the freaking Vision. Everyone has been wanting to see Vision pop up in the trailer and Marvel listened! I didn't expect this as it was close to the end but im sure glad they decided to include him. Even if it wasn't him in action the scene was just as powerful with him opening his eyes!

There you have it my favorite scenes from the new trailer!


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