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Glover is comically perfect — one of the reasons the original campaign caught on so quickly. He’s a little dorky, charming, adaptable and just one all-important smidge out of the mainstream. He could mark a return to the character’s original embodiment of 60s youth counterculture, updated for a world that just will not shut up about millenials. Of course, one wonders if Glover still wants the role — things are going just fine for him and a role like Spiderman is a massive, career-defining commitment. I know I wouldn’t subject myself to those sorts of gym and diet regimens without a damn good reason. But Disney has got more than a couple of zeroes at its disposal for that purpose.

Many people have pointed out that a black Spiderman would cooperate with the comics — they’ve got Miles Morales in the role — which I find funny, because it implies that casting a black actor to play the fictional character of Peter Parker would be somehow impossible.

Here’s the most important thing, though: in the Marvel Comic Universe, nothing happens in a vacuum. The whole brand is designed to reinforce itself, weaving myriad characters in and out of movies and TV shows to create a complete package that both stays together and comes apart in neat little chunks. The Universe already has a lot of its bases covered: clean cut leading man, charismatic antihero, Norse God, loveable rogue, etc. It should also be noted that all of those main heroes are white guys. Donald Glover expands all that in just the right way, both racially and tonally. The Andrew Garfield era failed to define the franchise in a meaningful way: Donald Glover would point things back in the right direction.


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