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Through my time on Movie Pilot, I've noticed you guys really like the Walking dead so i thought since we are now in season 2, there have been tons of characters that haven't made it this far, in this article i'm going to be focusing on the main characters throughout the show. Part 2 on season 4 and 5 will come soon.


Okay not exactly the biggest character to start the list but he in my opinion was an iconic character in the first season. He was one of the victims of the Atlanta camps zombie horde and hid the bite from the rest of the group. Before that though we saw him going crazy as he starts digging everyone grave. His bite was eventually found by Jackie which lead the group to try and find him help at the CDC and go forth with the story line (which is why i think he is an iconic character). Eventually he he had to be left to turn.


Skipping to season 2 we see the group on the highway hiding from a zombie horde that is travelling by. Sophia (Carols daughter) was seen by one Walker and was chased into the woods leading Rick to run after her. She then disappears and makes up the majority of the season 2 where the group searches for her. Eventually she is later found the barn at the farm they are staying at, owned by Hershel. She walks out as a zombie leading Carol to break down in tears and making [The Walking Dead](series:201193) audience realize that even the children are not safe.


Dale was seen as the father figure of the Atlanta group and a guardian to Andrea and in season 2 we see him partially eaten. This was in the episode where Carl gets a gun and walks around looking for Sophia in the woods and finds a walker that cant move due to its feet being stuck in the ground. Carl leaves the walker and that very walker comeback and devours Dale at night when he was on a watch. Following this death, the act of father figure was passed on to Hershel.


Shane, Ricks partner in the police force ad the person who also slept with Ricks wife when he was in a coma. Throughout season 2 we see Shane become more violent and takes Rick into the woods where he could kill Rick and blame it on a walker. Rick kills him before he gets the chance to and the reason i believe this is an iconic death is because this is the first death we see not from a walker and the victim still becomes a walker which leads to Rick announcing to the group what Dr Jenner said to him at the end of season 1 that was: We are all infected.

T- Dog

T- Dog was in the show from season 1- 3 and although he did not have many lines he was still a big character. He was the reason that Merle got separated from the group as he lost key to the handcuffs after Rick handcuffed him to a pipe. In season 3 he was bitten during a horde attacked the group from inside the prison they just took. Carol tried to take him back to the cells but encountered 2 walkers on the way and with no bullets or other weapons, T- Dog decided to sacrifice himself to save Carol.


Lori died on the same episode as T- Dog, during the same walker attack just not in the same way. Her baby chose the worst possible time to be born so during the attack, Carl and Maggie took her into the prison away from the walkers so she could give birth, but she died from blood loss whilst giving birth to her daughter Judith Grimes. Carl also had to step up and kill his own mother before she came back as a walker by shooting her in the head.


After being left on rooftop and cutting of his hand to escape he found Wood-bury where he became a key player in the defense of the town. He eventually escaped the town and went with his brother Daryl. He was eventually found by the Governor and was shot in the chest. He then turned into a walker and was found by his brother who finished him by stabbing him in the face multiple times.


After being separated from the group and being saved in the woods by Michonne, her and Michonne found Wood-bury where she had a romantic relationship with the Governor. The Governor keeps her in a room with a dying Milton. Milton then dies and becomes a walker and with no way out Andrea is bitten which the group find out when they eventually get to her. She then shoots herself to prevent herself becoming a walker herself.

Apologies if i did now get all main characters but if i got every death in The Walking Dead this article would go on for a long time.

Part 2 featuring season 4 and 5 coming soon.


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