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A little over two years ago, I was having a conversation with my friend Ariel Medel; he is a comic book artist and was telling me that his dream was to draw a Batman comic. Being a writer, I've always wanted to tell my own stories with my own characters so I thought, Why would you want to tell a Batman story? They've all been told!

That question got stuck in my mind for weeks, it also got me wondering why some of my favorite writers like Alan Moore and Frank Miller made some of their best work writing about the Caped Crusader.

One day, it finally dawned on me that there are stories that can only work if it is Batman, because people care about Batman.

So, it all just came pouring inside my head. A story that not only could only work if it was about Batman, but a story that could be interpreted in different ways depending on the reader's point of view, a broken mirror of sorts; is Batman crazy? is the Joker crazy? are you holding on to your pain like Bruce? are you crazy enough to see all levels of reality?

It all sounds so ambitious, but it wasn't, when I first showed it to some friends they weren't very impressed. One day I just felt that we had to publish it, I had a hunch, so we did.

A week later it had been visited over 1 million times, it had been translated to Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French and we were being interviewed on many comic book sites.

We would find success again a couple of months later with a not-Superman story where our hero decides to do what is best for the universe and destroy humanity.

This opened the opportunity to work with several artists from all over the world on projects that will very soon see the light of day. In the meantime you can get a free digital copy of my 'official' debut on Grimm Tales of Terror # 9, a tribute to '80s slasher films and old horror comics, by signing in to Zenescope's newsletter.

You can read the full Batman: The Deal comic Here.

And the Superman story Here.

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