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Since I missed the Walking Dead Sunday, I am just now watching it. Just by the title Remember gets me curious. Like does it have to deal with there past or who they were before the apocalypse or when it for started or something totally different. I wonder how the group adjusts to the new town.I wonder if its going to be like Wood bury or Terminus or something actually legit.

(Spoiler if you haven't seen this episode yet!)

Here's my thing Enid The girl from the very beginning she's hiding something.You see her hiding in the house when Carol looks to the house and sees her then turns back and shes gone. To me she knows somethings up with Alexandria or shes getting food for her group (if she has one) or take over it. When Carol said:

"You don't like me."

And she just walks away. I think she doesn't want to social with him because she doesn't want Carol to find out anything about her.

Deanna Monroe
Deanna Monroe

Deanna Monroe claims she has a husband and two sons, but yet you don't see them. Since she was once a congress woman i believe she has something to hide also. What was the need to video tape everyone? Is that her way of having everyone on documentation. If so then shes crazy. I am surprised she didn't ask the major questions. How many people have you killed? How many walkers and so on and so forth. But she didn't want to know about that at all. She just wanted to know who they were before the world went to shit. Now that's where the title comes from. She did say they were the first group to be welcomed in. If your community is so good then why would you risk taking others in? She's lucky Ricks group is nice and not just people that come in and terrorize everything. She seems to be calm about everything. She doesn't worry at all about the world or outside of the community.

Carol with her interview it kinda pissed me off a bit because she mention about what she did before time. Cooking dinner for husband and how she misses him, but yet she didn't say nothing about Sofia. How can you forget? In her interview she said shes like the den mother but she cant do much for the group which i think is BS. She can so pull her own weight and defend for herself. She just has a soft spot for kids. Especially Judith. I believe it has to do with the loss of her daughter and that's the way she copes with it. Overall shes seems to like it at Alexandria. She seems to fit right in and she's a lot happier.

Carl through out the seasons
Carl through out the seasons

(I am getting off topic here but it needs to be addressed) Chandler Riggs also known as Carl Grimes has changed a lot during the years. he started at age 11 Now 16. 5 years of being on [The Walking Dead](series:201193) he has changed so much not just face but how he is. He stands up for himself and defends and fights as to before he never fought. To me it seemed like while Lori was pregnant Carl had to stand up and be the bigger brother to protect and now that Judith is here He protects her. Granted he's just a kid himself he grew up a lot faster.


He seems to like the community but yet he thinks everyone is to weak now that they have nothing to worry about. When he went to a neighbors house and the 2 boys asked if he wanted to play video games or go and play pool i think Carl forgot what it was like to have people around his age. He didn't say nothing. Hes been without electric since Hershel's Farm and to play video games? it brought me back to when Rick fell in a comma in season 3 or 4. He found a bunch of games and was remembering what it was like to play video games. I think it was just a little overwhelming for him. The community is going to change him. When he followed Edin i thought he was going to get hurt but he lost her and found his dad. I would be curious about her too. Wanting to know why she leaves and comes back. When he was given the interview he admitted to killing his mom. I knew he did i just don't understand how that big fat zombie in the room with Lori ate her whole entire body. I thought she would of turned or there would of been a body there.

Michonne is a hard person to read. Thank god shes straight forward though. She wasn't big about giving up her sword when the group got asked to hand over there weapons. That sword got her a long way Her and Rick seem like the leaders in the group. Constantly thinking whats best for them. She cares for Judith and Carl especially. She has a bond with Carl. I was shocked when she got the the same job as Rick. I thought she would of gotten a different job. Like going out and doing supply runs. I must say she's certain about this community though. She really likes it. She has those vibes. She does everything for the group that she can. She protects and fight.

You can tell Daryl doesn't like this place. Pissed cause the group had to give up there weapons, but yet it seems like he gets to keep his bow at times. I don't think he likes the fact that there in a community. I believe he likes the fact that Rick has found a safe place for Judith. He even stated that in the video that he was recorded on. It seems that Daryl likes it better on the outside cause he's always on the go and has freedom as to the community you have to work and no fight. At the end of the episode you could he was pissed off. I think he just wanted a way out hoping he was going to get kicked out or something. When Rick accepted the job he got offered to be a Sheriff he agreed and that set off Daryl even more. Daryl doesn't want to get comfy there. Doesn't want to shower, even though he really needs to.

Rick seems to be confused at first with the video taping Deanna did. He didn't understand either would I. He tells her to keep the gates closed and explains. He's lucky she didn't just throw him and his group out right there if she did then they would of been out on the streets again. You can tell he's iffy about the place from the moment he stepped in to the end of the episode. He doesn't trust no one there at the moment. He sticks with his group telling them they'll stay under the same roof and not go far. When Deanna tells Rick this place is good for his daughter and son to grow up in made him realize that Judith might have somewhat of a normal life. He told Deanna they were his family meaning the group. When she stopped over one of the nights and seen the group in the living room together made her realize they are a family. She stated that even though they have nothing in common and are all together that they really are a family. I think everyone in the room accept that they were a family and always will be no matter what happens. When Rick gets offered the Sheriff job he went to try on his outfit.Though he hasn't worn that type of outfit in so many years it makes him feel like he's back to his old life a little minus not having Lori around. His face though! His beard is gone! I forgot what it looked like. It seemed to shock everyone. He stated to Carol and Daryl saying:

"If they can't make it then we'll just take this place."

Carol and Daryl seemed to agree. I think the rest of the group will too.

No matter what happens they'll always be a family
No matter what happens they'll always be a family

I think this place was once a great place but after seeing terminus and wood bury you cant help but wonder if this place is going to be the same or not. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing the community fall apart and have Rick and his "Family" take it over. Or maybe this place will work out and they will live there and all the series will be over. Which i doubt cause there starting to go by the comic book now which i don't read. Stay tuned for Next Weeks Walking dead!


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